Saturday, February 27, 2021

Scrap Saturday RSC21 Yellow February

I finished my yellow table scraps challenge.  You can read all about it on yesterday's post here.

I got out my Sand Castles quilt top (pattern by Bonnie Hunter).  This was one of my RSC projects.

I made a big yellow back for it out of the large yellow less-desirable yellow fabrics that I inherited one way or another.  This helped make some room in the yellow bin!  Yeehaw.  The fabric on the right side is called Grandma's Napkins.  It's salvage says 1994.  Well, it's time.  Today is it's day to be used!

My momentum didn't stop there.  Next I put my Soul Searching swap quilt top on the floor.

A big back for Soul Searching was made with gingham and stripes.  It's bright and sunny.  I can't wait to show it off quilted in bright yellow thread and a fun quilting design.

And then after that I just kept going like the little engine that could.  I made a back for the churn dash blocks that I put together using yellow scraps of sashing.  Low and behold I can now get the lid on the yellow bin of scraps!  Here's the churn dash quilt top.  It's so nice to see these blocks in a quilt top vs. sitting sad and lonely in a shoe box waiting their turn to shine.

And here's the back... with my assistant ready to help with assignments.

I'm usually a neutral type of quilter.  This week I'm coloring out of the box and using my bright YELLOW to longarm.  A lady from church gave me a whole box of bright color thread cones.  I still can't think of why she wanted to get rid of them.  They are great for me!

I also put ANOTHER quilt top together this week.  These are blocks from the Block Swap Adventure a few years ago.  I only requested that blocks be 12.5" (12" finished) size and that they contain orange, yellow, or yellow and orange.  That's it--there were no other instructions.  These are the blocks that were sent to me.  I found a citrus fabric in my orange scrap bin that was enough for the sashing and border.  I remember getting that piece as a "prize" in the remnant bin.

I found a gently used fitted sheet in my stockpile of stuff that has yellow and orange and other stripes.  It will be the one-fabric back for the orange/yellow quilt below.

I feel really productive moving these quilts to the next stage this week.  Woohoo!

Yep, I started another project!  I'm not surprised.  I did have a Thanksgiving quilt and a Christmas tree skirt on my wish list of finishes for 2021.  Every year when we put up the Christmas tree my husband and I can't believe that I haven't made a tree skirt.  Well, THIS is the year.

These four blocks took hours!  But the time spent was totally worth it.

The Santas above are for a tree skirt pattern called Santa Claus Tree Skirt.  The pattern can be found in the book called More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts by Pam Bono Designs.  I really bet you are wondering why I decided to put yellow flowered coats on my Santas?  This fabrics is VERY sentimental.  It was a WIP of a house dress that my grandma was making.  She passed away in 1975.  I hung on to it all this time and wanted a place special for it.  The house dress was all cut out and partially started.  I cut around the darts and cut out the zipper.  Only the first few instructions were completed.  I found this in my yellow scraps bin and thought that this would be the perfect place for it.  I adored my grandma.  I still remember the day that I watched her sew Lambsy, my stuffed animal, and put the beans back in it.  She was an amazing quilter and seamstress and crafter.  I will think of her every holiday season with this quilt around our tree.  The alternate blocks for this pattern are trees with HSTs.  I think the yellow calico really jazzes it up.  It's Christmas... it will be under the tree...  I don't think the Santas will be hard to recognize in this quilt even with the yellow flowery print coats.  I LOVE it already!

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djquilting said...

I love your tops but especially love that drawing of you and Owen.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Way to use up those big YELLOW scrap chunks, Kathy!! I'll be looking forward to seeing these quilts completed.

Jenny said...

Wow, haven't you been busy getting the backings made for all these quilts!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Good for you, getting those backings made! That's always a big step to get over. Looking forward to seeing your bright yellow quilting! Love the Santas, too.

Frédérique said...

Such beautiful projects, sunny and cheerful! I love the Santas, and their sweet memories.

scraphappy said...

You have been busy! It feels so good to just keep going when you are on a roll.

Kathy S. said...

Like you, things get much busier later in the year. March will be a busy month for me.