Saturday, March 31, 2018

Green Scrap Saturday RSC18

Still working with the green blocks.  I had enough green four-patches to construct blocks to add another row to this quilt called Go Four It!  The pattern was in the April, 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  I just love the scrappiness of this quilt.  I'm using a lot of FUN neutrals!

I found this green purse and tin at the Goodwill Outlet store.  Things at the store are $1.09 per pound.  It's the end of the line for Goodwill.  If it is not purchased there it is pitched.
I'm using the tin for my next project.  I can roll a block or two and the supplies needed so that I can do some applique.  I cut all the pieces needed for this little applique quilt.  It's called Catchin' Some Rays.  It's from McCall's Quilting Magazine.

 I picked out all the greens for the blocks.  It will take a while to stitch by hand for sure--especially since I have a couple of other embroidery projects in other to-go bags.  I probably won't be using any yellow, so you won't see this project in the RSC18 until pink or orange come out to play.  BUT you may see it on a Sunday now or then for Slow Stitching Sundays...

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Friday, March 30, 2018

A Little Friday Finish, but a BIG Accomplishment for my SIL

This is a little project for my Friday finish.  It is a special gift for my sister-in-law to celebrate a HUGE accomplishment.  She has been sober for more than THREE years now.  Thank you AA.  But thanks be to God for getting her through this and making her a stronger person.  Give all the glory to God. 

It's a simple mug rug that has one of the Alcoholics Anonymous symbols on it.

Jo and I love to drink coffee in the kitchen at my house.  This is the table that belonged to my husband's (and Jo's) grandparents.  It's a welcoming place.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy, Happy Mail!

Happy mail arrived yesterday from Cathy who blogs at Cathy's CRAZY BY DESIGN.  I won it during the semi-annual Quilty Orphan Adoption event, (hosted by Cynthia Brunz). 

It's the Dot Dot Dash Bag.   All the hard parts are already completed by Cathy.  The fabrics are gorgeous!  Cathy was a pattern tester for Sara Lawson (of Sew Sweetness).  EVERYTHING was included, zippers, handle support, padding...  Cathy even marked the pattern for where I needed to begin!  What a great prize!  I'm going to set aside Friday nights to work on the bag.  Friday night is usually date night (usually it's just a night we have family time and our son picks where we eat -- even if it's McDonalds...)  After we eat and drive around we come home and chill in the living room in which my sewing area is adjacent.  It's usually tv and iPad/computer time.  I'll try to do a step or two on Fridays and then put it back in it's little bin all organized and stuff and then back to the "current hot project" drawer.

Check out this cool PJ pattern (IN REAL SIZES) giveaway at The Intrepid Thread.  I just inherited some "non quilty" fabric that would be perfect for PJ's!  Coincidence? We'll see.  Here's a pic of the jammies from the blog giveaway post.  There's also a sweet Manicure Mitts pattern on the post -- BONUS!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WIP Wednesday

It's spring break time!  My school is off all this week.  Our son's school is off Thursday, Friday, and Monday -- just another reason why I don't want to work full-time at the school.  But I can sew!!!

I loaded a customer quilt onto the frame.  It is scraptabulous!  I am quilting it with the Circle Lord Swirls giant template board.  My customer LOVES this pattern.

We had another snow day last week.  Even my husband got to stay home.
I continue to stitch away on my embroidery project that is in my sew-to-go bag.  I'm starting to think of new projects and having more than one bag... (one for school, one for the truck, one by the tv...)
Here's the crib quilt I gathered all the floss colors needed and put in one of my other bags. 
I played with green scraps for the RSC18 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge, 2018).  I made 4-patches.
The quilt that the four-patches will be used on is called Go Four It! You can tell I haven't added to this quilt for a while because everything is green in the photo. The pattern was in the April, 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  I just love the scrappiness of this quilt. 

I mailed my H2H quilt already!  Woohoo!  Ahead of the game this year!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cross Stitch Inspiration

My friend sent me this photo last week.  The saying will be inspiration for one of my sew-to-go bag projects.  I'll probably do little flowers instead of sculls on mine.  Sorry I don't know the source. :(

The new biggest trend here at my house is wireless headphones.  I introduced them to my husband the other night.  These are GREAT for when the others are sleeping.  I'm a super early riser (5ish most days), our son gets up around 7ish.  My husband would get up around 10ish if he was allowed...  But I go to bed around 8-9pm and they stay up later 11-12ish when it's not a school night.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Snow Day Fun

We had another snow day recently (3.22.18).  Ironically after "Sweetie" took a SIX hour nap, Owen wanted to play a new game he got at Goodwill called "Don't Wake Daddy".  LOL

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Slow Continues

Bowling season is winding down.  Baseball season will be coming, but I often times go out on the field if the other team has big hitters.  I'll still find time to stitch!  This is the last section of green leaves.  After the connecting border change stitch it's all done!

I've pulled out this project for my Sew-to-go bag next.  It's another crib quilt.  I'll start gathering the floss this week!
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Saturday, March 24, 2018

RSC18 4-Patches

I played more with smaller green scraps this week.  Here's a bunch of happy, green 4-patches.

I'm linking up with Angela at SoScrappy for the RSC18.  Check out all the other fun projects in the RSC18.  Believe me, you'll be inspired!  Today's linky party is here.

The quilt that the four-patches will be used on is called Go Four It!  The pattern was in the April, 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  I just love the scrappiness of this quilt.  Originally it was going to be a queen-sized quilt.  Then I decided to make two baby quilts... I decided to give already completed quilts to the babies.  It's back to being a queen-sized quilt for me now.  :)  I can change my mind!  Here's where it last left off:

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Friday, March 23, 2018

A Friday Finish -- H2H!

I have a finish!  Woohoo.  I finished this little quilt on our snow day this week and put it in the mail for the H2H Charity Quilt Drive.  I sent it to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids in Logan, UT.  It measures 40" square--perfect for stuffing in a backpack.

Sarah Craig at Confessions of a Fabric Addict leads us each year in the H2H charity quilt drive.  PLEASE check out her post at the link above to sign up and get involved.  The pattern was by Susan who blogs at QuiltFabrication .  It was a quilt along called Spangled Stars Quilt Along.  Susan's quilt alongs are great!  She gives great instructions and tips.  My friend and I did out QAs together.  This was her baby sized quilt. 

This quilt was started by a dear friend.  She would be happy that it was finished.  The back is a simple light blue fabric with crosses on it.  I love the striped binding.  It makes me smile.

I'm usually not this ahead of the game.  I can't believe that I put this in the mail this week and it's half way there if not to Utah already!
Confessions Of A Fabric Addict
My Spangled Stars, QA design by Susan at Quilt Fabrication
Finished 10.18.17   100" x 112".  It was a red, white, and blue theme.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WIP Wednesday

This week I worked on a few green X blocks for my Garden party quilt (pattern by Bonnie Hunter.)  Each block has a green scrap in it.

They will go into this quilt.  You can tell I haven't added blocks to this one for a while.  Look how green the grass is!  I think this quilt is GORGEOUS so far!  I can't wait to place it in the hands of my friend.  She deserves a quilt like this.  She gives me scraps all the time.

So here I am working on my embroidery project at bowling.  This is not the most attractive pic of me.  I have my thread/needle in my mouth... Not the best hair day.  Whatever...

The kids were having fun (kinda).

This is more my view of things... 

 This is a different project in my sew-to-go bag than what I had.  It is also a crib-sized embroidery quilt.  It helps me pass the time.

Below is the other embroidery project that I am close to finishing.  It's a crib-sized quilt as well.

I planted two plum trees this week.  Glad I got them in the ground!  TODAY is a snow day for our schools here.  The ground is covered.  Happy Ohio!

This is what Mr. Sunshine looks like when St. Patrick's Day falls on his bowling day.  Not a lick of Irish in him...  what a fun week!

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