Monday, May 20, 2019

H2H Final Link-Up -- Crown of Thorns

I'm challenging myself this week to get this quilt done and in the mail to Jack's Basket for the 2019 H2H charity quilt drive.

I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here. Check out all the gorgeous charity quilts for another record breaking year!

H2H Final Link-Up Reindeer Quilt

I'm challenging myself to get this quilt done and in the mail to Jack's Basket for the 2019 H2H charity quilt drive.

I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here.  Check out all the gorgeous charity quilts for another record breaking year!

The Croatia Costume

It's time to move this project forward.  I am working on my kid's Croatia Costume.  It's due Wednesday.  Here's the hat and pants that I came up with for his costume:

I had 2" binding left over from this H2H orphan block quilt and more binding left over from this H2H scrappy orphan block quilt.  I sewed it to a pair of altered capri pants that we got to our "last chance" local Goodwill store where we pay $1.29 per pound for clothes.  (It's really a fun store!)  I also made a pom pom and used more folded leftover binding for a decoration on his hat (that we found along side the road).  We call this fun hobby "ROAD FIND!"  He will only be wearing the costume to school one day.  I didn't worry about the raw edges of the binding fabric.

In my personal opinion, it seems kids in the state of Ohio are "done" with school around Good Friday these days (even though they still "go" to school until a few days after Memorial Day).  I have taken a day off work EVERY week for about six weeks to attend something at our kid's school for one thing or another... field trip(s), Exceptional Olympics Day, farm tour day, transition meetings, IEP amendment meeting, track & field day...  You get the idea.  International Day is this week on Wednesday.  There is another field trip on Friday to the local library, followed by Puberty Talk Day the same day...  Not all grades and schools had a chance to go the the Akron Rubber Ducks baseball game this year, but they have in years past.

Due to all of the state testing, it seems teachers need to get in all of the regular curriculum by a certain date.  Some teachers have students do end-of-year projects.  Some of these projects last through all of these dates.  Students work at school and at home on their designated projects.

For International Day there is a theme.  Kids all do the same projects such as making a pretend plane ticket to the country they got, making an itinerary, making a flag, coloring a map, copying a recipe from a book, making the recipe for tasting with parents day, making a political data disc, making a booklet about recipes or plants and animals. 

They also pick two items from a list to do alternate projects.  From that list we picked wearing a traditional costume all day.  We also picked making animals of Croatia out of Play Dough.  I'll post more on that soon.  Our animals are drying now.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Slow Stitching Continues

I made more progress on my stitch-a-long this week.  I finished the second swan and continued stitching on clue #1 (the center peacock.)

I found this mystery stitch along on facebook.  You can get the free pattern here.

It's called the Mystery Sampler Stitch A Long (2019) at Linen & Threads.

Opening day was last weekend for our baseball league.  I haven't been taking my stitching along with me due to the fact that my little ham wants my full attention--and that's ok!  We waited so long to have a child.  We have been blessed.  My stitching can wait.

My guy is the happy tall one in the photo below.

Here's a pic of the whole team:

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Slow Sunday Stitching

Saturday, May 18, 2019

RSC19 -- Another Orange Owl

Here's my second orange owl for the month.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Orphan Block H2H and May OMG Quilt Finish

I finished this orphan block quilt for H2H.  It's a happy little quilt!

This quilt will be going to Jack's Basket charity.  This charity celebrates children born with Down Syndrome.  Quilt guildlines says the quilt is to be 36" square.  This quilt measures 36" x 42".  I hope they can find the right family to give it to.  Our son just happens to have DS.  He was a bigger baby at 7lb., 6oz.  I know that this quilt would have been perfect for him.

I'm happy to report that this was also my OMG (One Main Goal) project for May.  Woohoo!

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Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

Linking with Sarah for Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?

I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here.  Check out all the gorgeous charity quilts for another record breaking year!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for our Challenger baseball team.  Here's some pics from my phone:

He LOVES eating outside.  This inspired our family picnic on the ping pong table at dinner that night.

2019  It was a breezy, but beautiful sunny day for baseball today.

He's very independent now.

Opening ceremony walk.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Exceptional Olympics

Here are a bunch of pictures from last Friday, May 10, of the Exceptional Olympics.  Our son loved the sports and mascots -- and friends!  I hope he didn't offend the Cardinal when he called it the "Big Red Chicken" (a character he remembers from watching Dora the Explorer.)

Although there were 643 athletes with all different abilities from area schools in our county, our son is the ONLY student from our district.  It took a while to get him to be able to go.  Next year we hope to have our mascot there as well. 

 Our district is still represented!

These are Owen's very exceptional teachers.  They teacher on the left with the red hair is the teacher that left him go to this event last year for the first time.  She goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching.  She doesn't just teach reading and math.  She may be the best teacher he has had yet.  She has such a kind heart and gives it her all.

The teacher on the right will be his teacher next year.  I have high hopes that she will be very helpful during his transition to middle school.  I'm a little nervous, but we will embrace each day as it comes.

This is Austin (orange shirt) and Owen.  They are baseball buddies.  Below they are walking off into the sunset... to get some lunch.  They both have the same love of food!

Owen and his ONE person spot!

He was super excited to be on the giant screen.

Even kneeling, the Hoover Viking was taller than the others.

More fun with mascots.