Saturday, December 16, 2023

Bob Ross Paint Night #3

 This week at our local library I painted this painting.

I love the snow texture on the "happy little trees".  

How it works... library patrons sign up on the first day of the month for the Monday night class.  They gather in a corner of the library.  Tables are already set up with a paper towel and the paints/paint colors named on them. Tools are set like a table setting, water glass, napkins, and all.  There's a large tv screen that plays a Bob Ross video.  We paint along and rewind when necessary.  When the hour is up we look at each other's paintings and are amazed that each one turned out uniquely cool.  We say our goodbyes and hope to see each other the following month.  :). It's such an awesome FREE program!

Monday, November 20, 2023

Bob Ross Painting #2

Last week at the library I attended my second Bob Ross night event.  It was sooooo relaxing.  I love how this painting came out.  The "happy little trees" really do make me happy.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Fall Plant Updates

 This weekend I worked on moving and caring for some of my outdoor plants.  Let's start with the poppy plant that a friend gave me early in the summer.  It finally bloomed THIS WEEKEND!!!

It survived the freeze, frosts, and one snowfall.  I touched the above bloom and it popped open.  Hopefully seeds will fall.  I will wait a little longer since this is literally a late bloomer this year to trim it back and mulch it.  I planted some seeds nearby it of a fluffy pink variety.  Can't wait to see what spring will bring.

Foxglove (free seeds from the library) really produced plants, but they did not bloom this year.  I transplanted them EVERYWHERE.  Here they are in the orchard to see if the deer are going to eat them.

Underneath all this wonderful compost dirt from the woods are daylilies.  A friend from church gave them to me.  I can't wait to see what color they are.  (She forgot.) She has AMAZING flower gardens!  Two little lily plants that she gave me are from an earlier time this year.

The 92-year old lady that I longarm quilt a lot for gave me purple Bellflower plants.  I have been wanting these for over 20 years!  Here's a whole bed of them planted this week.  I dug them from her house on Tuesday.  I planted them on Friday the light rain... in my pajamas.  I got them in just before the big rain.  God watered them in for me.

The same friend also gave me a bag of blue Forget-Me-Nots.  They were a handful of dried up plants that she grabbed from her flowerbed thrown into a McDonald's paper bag.  She told me to plant half of them then (in September) and half of them in the spring after the frost.  They are a biennial.  The first group of plants are doing great.  I haven't trimmed back my snaps in the old kettle yet.  On the warm Ohio days a bloom pops out now and then still.

These next plants are ones I'm super excited about (from my 92-year old friend as well).  They are called Red Hot Pokers.   They get 36" to 48" tall.  I can't wait to see the bright colors against the old berry barn as a backdrop.  It sits out of the way (not used anymore) in one of the fields.  I mow this area.  I can't wait to be driving on the mower and seeing this surprise.

Along the back side of the old berry barn are more blue Bellflowers.

Here's a tiny plant of Beebalm (Monad).  I think this is the light maroon version.  I'm not sure.  I remember seeing it blooming in her flowerbed and asked her if she had enough of that if she would give me some.  

Below are more Red Hot Pokers planted next to $1 clearanced mums from our local Tractor Supply store.  There is are also some lams ear in this row.  I'm sure as things progress that I will have to move something as they grow.  The chickens and cats LOVE to go under this coop.  It's were the good dirt is perfect for the chickens to take a dust bath and the cats to hide and look for mice.  I have to put hardy things here because the chickens like to root them out if I don't carefully watch them.

I also planted over 300 daffodil bulbs that I dug out of my big flowerbed that was too much in the shade for daffodils.  I moved them out to the ditch by the road, along the driveway, and on the sunny edge of the woods.  I can't see what produces flowers in the spring.  I've owned and moved these bulbs for over 30 years from the house I had before I was married to here.  It was time to break them up anyways.  I know there will still be a ton of bulbs that come up in the flowerbed where I got them.  I'll try to get them out of there when I start weeding in the spring.  

That's all for now.  Hopefully I will get more things moved and ready for winter with a few days off for Thanksgiving break.

Friday, November 17, 2023

A Fast Finish

 This little quilt was on and off the frame so fast I almost didn't take a photo of it.  

I only remembered to take a photo of it while it was in the back seat of my truck in the driveway of the owner.  I quilted it for her using Circle Lord Swirls.  The owner will trim and bind it.  It felt so soft with flannel fabrics front and back.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Tree of Life (Accuquilt Cut) in Orange

 Tree of Life block in orange was made this week.  This is a die from Accuquilt.  

The block measures 14.5" (14" finished).  I'm not sure how many blocks I will make.  I'm not sure of how I will set them.  Time will tell.  I do like this block.  I need to remind myself that I pushed the needle adjustment four times (right side) to get the 1.0 setting for the seam allowance to get that nice 1/4" seam.  If I don't record this somewhere I will forget if I pushed the button four or five times and my blocks will come out different sizes.  We definitely don't want that.
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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Tree of Life Block in Aqua -- Accuquilt Cut

This week I made a Tree of Life block in aqua.  I really like the colors in this block even through trees aren't this color. 

The pieces were quickly cut using the Accuquilt BOB (block on board) die.  I got this die for Christmas last year.  The block measures 14.5" (14" finished).  I'm not sure how many blocks I will make.  I'm not sure of how I will set them.  Time will tell.  I do like this block.  I need to remind myself that I pushed the needle adjustment four times (right side) to get the 1.0 setting for the seam allowance to get that nice 1/4" seam.  If I don't record this somewhere I will forget if I pushed the button four or five times and my blocks will come out different sizes.  We definitely don't want that.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Bob Ross Experience

Last night I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a painting class at one of our local libraries.  The free class provided supplies to paint this photo.  An old Bob Ross video played.  We tried to learn techniques from Bob Ross.  Every once in a while the librarian would hit pause and rewind.  We would look at it and then paint some more. 

I'm happy with my first adventure.  I see myself taking this free class about once a month if it is offered.  I really think it looks much better in person.  Happy painting!

I thought of what it would be like to have sat by my friend, Linda, if she were in my class.  A little smile stayed on my face thinking about the relationships I have made during my quilting/blogging/life.


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Longarm Quilting Complete

I finished the longarm quilting on a quilt for a friend.  I returned it this week.  She will trim and bind it.  I used my giant Circle Lord board called Egyptian Eye for the quilting on it.  I did not finish the center of the eye and left that area open.  My thread matched the solid backing of the quilt perfectly.  


Monday, September 4, 2023

DIY Journaling Bookmark (and Pencil Pocket) --- from SEW CAN SHE

Today I made this super cute bookmark/pen holder.  It is a DIY project from SEW CAN SHE.  You can find the tutorial here.  It is a super-fast project!

When I look at in on my book on my desk I don't see the uneven bottom.  I didn't switch the foot on my sewing machine to the general metal foot with the red, painted-on marks.  This is my photo-type project.  I know my top stitching could be a little better.  I was happy to have a quick, fun, functional finish that I left my 1/4" foot on the machine.

The pattern on SEW CAN SHE is larger than this one.  I cut both sizes of pieces down to fit this journal vs. a standard notebook.  I'm going to make one for our son soon since he journals daily also.  Where did I put that Batman fabric...  Where is that cool elastic with the lace on it when I make one for the college girl that sits next to me in church?  Oh my brain is going in different directions this Labor Day holiday.  Short school week this week -- woohoo!

I also didn't stitch straight down the middle because my pen sizes.  They fit nicely this way.

Oh, and see that pen with the ribbon on it?  Thankfully I don't know anyone fighting that battle right now.  But I did buy a box of 100 pens (and they write really nice) at our local "bin" store for $1.00!!!  What a deal.  Ours is called Where Ya Bin?  It sells overstock and return items from Amazon.  On Fridays they put out the "new" stuff; everything in the store is $14 each.  Each day the price (and inventory) goes down a little bit.  By Wednesday, everything left in the store is $1.  Thursday is 25 cent day.  There are little piece parts left here and there.  They close early on Thursday to clean up all the leftover stuff and to get ready for Friday again.  It's a fun trip for our son and I on $1 day -- sometimes.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Yellow Tree of Life

It took me a while to make this block today.  It's called Tree of Life.  

The pieces were quickly cut using the Accuquilt BOB (block on board) die.  I got this die for Christmas last year and I thought it was finally time to use it.  The block measures 14.5" (14" finished).  The reason why it took me so long to sew it was that I was interrupted by a sick kid.  Because it is a holiday weekend, I took him to our local stat care waited a few hours to get him a z-pack for a sinus infection.  I just didn't want him to suffer all weekend.  He's been coughing since Wednesday afternoon.

Back to the Tree of Life block...  I'm not sure how many I will make.  I'm not sure of how I will set them.  Time will tell.  I do like this block.  I put a picture of the process/layout below so that I can remember how to sew them together to make it quicker and easier next time I make one.  I also need to remind myself that I pushed the needle adjustment four times (right side) to get the 1.0 setting for the seam allowance to get that nice 1/4" seam.  If I don't record this somewhere I will forget if I pushed the button four or five times and my blocks will come out different sizes.  We definitely don't want that.

Here's another fun fact... so do you want to know why I used black for the tree trunk?  

It's because I found this piece in this size.  Accuquilt really helps me best utilize my scraps!

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Finished Quilting

 I finished the longarm quilting on my 91 year-old friend's quilt.  It's all party on the front and business in the back (unlike some of my favorite 80's hairstyles...)

Above is a photo of the quilting.  

The finished product.  Whew... Glad that gently-used yellow sheet was long enough.  That was close.

Using the yellow sheet as an excuse to post with my friends at RSC23 and to say hi!  I'm not 100% thrilled how I didn't hold the nice radius turns in this design.  I'm pretty sure I had the wrong stylus now that I look at the wiggly lines.  It is not really noticeable fron the front with the scrappy strips.

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Summer Fun -- Very Photo Heavy

 It was such an awesome summer for our little family.  School officially starts tomorrow.  Owen will be in 10th grade.  Here's some of the things we did this summer.  

We kicked the summer off at the local Memorial Day parade with Aunt Jo.  A Block Lotto quilt was there.

We had a great Challenger baseball season.  One of our coaches had a serious medical condition after losing his young wife last year.  He's on his way to recovery now.  The team played on.

Our son was also the manager for his high school team.  Challenger baseball was only once a week, so it was a nice, relaxing way to play baseball in the summer.

I got my first kayak for Mother's Day.  Here it is ready for the maiden voyage.  I LOVE IT!

I love to kayak and our son loves to magnet fish on the shore.  He plans the place, has to figure out the map on how to get there, and has to plan and pack the picnic lunch.  Happy happy family time.  My husband is usually at work, but we love our adventures.  Last summer was full of medical issues for all three of us.  This summer we got off the couch and enjoyed the outdoors.  I know his lunch doesn't look that healthy... but last year he lost so much weight because he couldn't eat due to a tonsil issue that lasted from May to September.  When we have very active days, I let the little things go.  We'll eat healthy when we are home.  My lunch is in that Keto Chow container.  I LOVE Keto Chow!

Of course we also did a miniature golf tour of all our favorite courses this summer.

More kayak time for me.  In the photo below I'm out in the middle of a larger area lake.  I can't believe how my skills improved so much so early in my kayaking journey.  I can still see our son on the shore and have creatively learned to operate my smart watch with my nose so that we can communicate.  LOL.  I suppose I could use Siri, but then it wouldn't be that creative.  It's just easier with my nose.

There was a lot of swimming in our above-ground pool at home.  Some days we didn't have the chemicals just right, one week we needed a part for the pump/filter.  Green or not, we had fun.

He started his first JOB!  He worked a five-week program in one of our local stores.  He loved all of the jobs that he got to do.  He was so dedicated and excited to set his alarm so that he could go to bed and then set his alarm so that he could get up.  He was very responsible with his paychecks.  He got a debit card.  It was an awesome experience.

Here's his team on the summer bowling league.  Nick's mom, Owen, and Nick (his classmate) are in the photo below.  Hopefully Nick will try out for the high school bowling team this winter.

Owen and Star have been best friends since they were about 18 months old.  They play baseball together, go to dances, and hang out with area youth groups.  Such a pair!

I surprised Owen for his birthday and took his to see his favorite YouTube personality, Stephen Shearer.  This was in June.  He's still taking about it.  What a great kid-friendly, appropriate entertainer!

He didn't get to meet him in person, but this was cool too.  The hand sign Owen is making is sign language for love.  "Share the Love" (the YouTuber's last name is Shearer -- pronounced Share) is very appropriate for his YouTube subscribers.  I don't mind listening to his music and seeing his videos.  It's a much better choice considering all the other things out there on the internet.

Then I joined a kayak group of women that plan lots of events.  There's no cost.  Just show up to an event.

It makes me feel safe to do some bigger places.  Owen gets to spend garage time with dad.  I get out a bit.  It's a win for all of us.  The girl in the hat started our group.  She wanted to find about 50 for so other women to kayak with in Ohio.  As of right now there are 6400 members!   I like to go and connect with one or two people.  Now I have more people I can contact if I want to just go paddle.

There was an FCA (Federation of Christian Athletes) all abilities camp.  Here's Owen with one of his baseball friends.  We have done this every year for the last few years.  See Owen's hair in the photo?  Yes, I left his battery operated shaver on the shelf so that he could start shaving by himself.  Well... one day when I was at school, he wanted to be like his "cool" YouTuber (above) and have a cool hair style.  He did this himself.  If that is the worst thing that happened while I left him be independent for a few hours while I was at school, that's not that bad.  He has matured so much this summer.  It grew back.


Yep, more Kayaking.

Then the family was off on vacation.  My husband took off the whole month of July.  Owen finished his summer job after the first week of July. 

Me & my Sweetie!  I love this photo!

Magnet fishing in Newport, North Carolina.  (He didn't find anything good.)

Beautiful sky but very hot and humid in North Carolina.

Family time.  Owen's first visit to the Atlantic Ocean.

Road tripping adventure in North Carolina.  

We hiked at a marsh -- and yes it was very hot and humid...

Mini golf was definitely on the schedule.

I picked this specific RV park because it was close to Emerald Isle.  It also had a great slide that went to the really nice pool.  We were in the pool at least five times that week.  Well worth it.

There's another putt putt adventure.  It seems the courses in this tourist area are more for looks and not for a challenge.  Lots of photo opportunities, but the holes were easy to play with lots of straight putts and few bumps/hazzards.  It was fun none-the-less.

The we found Owen's favorite place in the area -- Mack Daddy's.  It had mini golf, a driving range, go carts, an arcade, a bowling alley, and an ariel obstacle course.

While on vacation we found another "favorite activity".  Ariel obstacle courses (trails).  Basically you get strapped into a harness and maneuver obstacles up high.  Only Owen did it this time.

Sunset photo taken from our rv spot.

When we got home the "big boy" got to play with some of his digging equipment.  Here he an old cold storage cellar that had caved it.  It was built by his grandparents many years ago.  

Aunt Jo took him on another magnet fishing trip at her friend's private lake.  Aunt Jo reminisced about playing ice hockey and fishing parties when she was younger at this neighborhood lake.

More kayaking for me, of course. Owen magnet fished from the docks and ramps.  This is his favorite local place to magnet fish.  He calls it his "honey hole".  We find lots of hooks, weights, and lures here.  My other new hobby is paddling around the edge and finding lures stuck in trees and bobbers floating where the fishermen can't get to them from land.

The Canton, Ohio Hall of Fame Balloon Festival Crew.

I'm super excited that I can now fit into this dress that I bought a year or two ago for $1.49 per pound at our "last chance" Goodwill outlet.  I can wear dresses to church and school now!  I'm super excited!  I love my new healthy, active lifestyle-it's definitely paying off.

More digging.  This time it's a teaching moment.

Owen is a better student than me.  I just take the keys when my husband is at work and practice on my own.  Sometimes it works and I get a nice scoop of dirt for a new flowerbed.  Sometimes a big hole in the field needs to be "fixed" when he gets home from work.  I try to practice safety as much as possible.  But OH THE LOVING PATICENCE of this MAN!!!  I am so lucky that God has chose him to be by my side.

Next I discovering kyaking at night.  We call it a Glow Paddle event.

This is the group of women that went to see the purple martins.  It was a very cool event.  It's dark when we are done.  

We met up with another friend that we met last winter for some putt putt and bowling near his house.  

So now most of you can tell why I haven't been quilting as much as I used to.  With all of the medical stuff that happened to our family in 2022, I have learned that I just need to enjoy and PARTICIPATE in life instead of watching it from the sidelines.  Thank you to my regular followers (those who follow me and make sweet comments) (and even those few from my family or ex-family that follow me to be nosy and make fun of us.)  As a special note to the second group that is reading this to know that they have not stolen my joy.  I forgive you for what you did and have moved on with life.  I am not going to refrain from posting things from my other friends that I cherish so much.  Have a great school year.