Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 RSC Finishes

 Welcome to the finish parade of RSC projects completed in 2022.  Enjoy the show.

This GO ABCs quilt was started as part of the RSC21.  I finished it 8.22.22.

The back was made during "red" month of the RSC22.

 I'm happy to post that my Good Fortune was completed in 2022.  Good Fortune is a design by Bonnie Hunter that started on Black Friday (November) 2018.  The clues of the mystery quilt concluded with the reveal in January of 2019.  It stalled for a while.  I worked on it during the green month to finish it.

Many of you will recognize this RSC21 quilt -- Full Stop.  I finished it 3.29.22.

This is Stay Centered.  I started it as part of the RSC21 and finished it 3.4.22.

Here's another one of my little table scraps challenge quilts.  It is still on this table by my chair in the living room now.

Jack & The Beanstalk (by Figure & Co.) was worked on over the last few years during orange and light green months.  I also dug into the purple stash for the binding and backing.  It was finished 7.31.22.

Here's the pieced back of purples and greens.

Here's the finished Iced Lollies crib quilt (designed by Latifah Saafir).  I worked on it during different RSC months.  I like the fun, bright colors.  I know I also worked on it during light blue month.  The background fabrics are different light blues, but it works for me.   It finishes at a cute 35.5" square.  I started this quilt 2.26.22.

The little Kathleen Tracy doll quilt QA was started and finished during the pink month.

The Kite Block pink/orange/grey quilt is also finished.  I worked on it during the orange month.  I really like this color combo.  You can see the pink Tweety Bird back here.

I completed enough blue and dark green waffle blocks to finish this quilt.

The pink waffle block quilt is complete.  I worked on it during a pink month and finished it during the lime green month (hence the light green binding.)

Random Ohio Stars quilt top was started in 2022.  It will have to wait until warmer days to be quilted.  This is a free pattern on Bonnie Hunter's blog.  You can find it here.  I made mine a little bigger.

I worked on this little table topper during light green month (obviously).  It was finished the same month.

I'm showing off my little mini that I made.  It's the Kathleen Tracy Valentine Mystery, 2022.  You can find all the details at a group on Facebook.  The group is called Kathleen Tracy Quilts on Facebook.  It measures 13.5" square.  I started and finished it during the pink month.

Have you tried any of the Project Quilting challenges?  This is my first one.  Challenge 4 of Project QUILTING Season 13 is called Mining for Diamonds.   This was started and finished during light blue month.

I think I started this during red month...  I finished this little quilt called From the Heart.  The design is by Pam Buda.  The pattern was free for a short time.  You can find it now at Heartspun Quilts.

I used red month to move this string quilt to the finish.

I worked on making box kite blocks over the past few years.  The quilt pattern is called Box Kites. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I finished these early in 2022.

Gobble Gobble (a Lori Holt design) was started during the RSC.  I worked on it during aqua months and finished it 2.25.22.

This school house quilt was started and finished on 10.29.22.  I was playing with an Accuquilt die.

It made during the light blue month.  The back is mostly light blue as well.

I finished this little table topper as one of my Table Scraps Challenges.

The quilt below I call Be Positive.  It was started during the RSC16 and completed on 11.19.22.

I made the back of Be Positive during "red" month.  

This little orphan block table topper included all of the left over blocks from Be Positive.

Wow, I guess I didn't really realize how many RSC-related finished I had this year.  Woohoo!

I'm linking up at Angela's blog (our hostess with the mostess) for the last RSC of 2022 here.

Happy new year!


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Friday, December 30, 2022

Longarm Season Has Come to a Close for 2022

Longarm season for the most part this year has come to an early close.  Usually I quilt though Thanksgiving weekend.  This year it seems like it got colder sooner.  I don't longarm during the colder months because my machine seems to skip stitches.  It's annoying.  

I haven't been posting to my blog much due to some medical issues with our son and me.  Nothing super serious... just colds and flu being passed from our son to me to my husband, then back to our son, me and my husband again.  I think we are past the worst of it.  In the meantime our son also had his wisdom teeth removed the week before Christmas... then the holidays...  I found this post still as a draft on my list and decided to post it today.

These stitches are in the top of a memory quilt.  I just didn't let it go out like that.  Above on the black fabric are what I call "eyelash stitches".  Below is a long skipped stitch.  You can see how long it is where I slipped my scissors under it.  

Some people just say, "you can borrow my heater".  That really won't work.  It's not me that is cold (although I am), it's the machine head that gets cold that is the problem.  The stitch regulator just doesn't like to be cold.  The last time I ran the fuel oil furnace constantly I had beautiful quiting in February.  My husband was working out of town (Nashville, TN) for two months.  I did not turn off the furnace and quilted a lot during the day while our son was at kindergarten.  Little did I know that our fuel oil bill would be over $4,000 to refill the tanks.  I think that was 2013ish.  Fuel prices were about the same as they were now.  It's just not worth it to quilt.

It's not so bad when I am stitching straight lines.  Curves go crazy.  The quilt top above (I was so frustrated I didn't even get a full photo of it on the frame), was about 60" wide.  I worked on it for over three hours.  It was stitch, rip out... stitch, rip out...  Enough was enough.  It shouldn't take me three hours to go half of a pass across the quilt.  To top it off, the fabric on the top was not cotton AND fabrics were stabilized with pelon that tends to gum up my needle when it's not the right pelon, causing the thread to break at random.  It was hard to see where to take out the stitches from the top because of the pajama pants fabric.  I had to crawl under the machine and remove them from the cotton back.  Yikes.  I was so frustrated.  I told the owner as I sadly gave it back to her that I would not work on this quilt until April or May when warmer weather was here.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

RSC22 -- Black Blocks

I'm starting a new RSC quilt!  It is called Scarborough Fair.  The block and quilt is very simple.  The way the blocks are arranged give it an optical illusion of wiggly blocks (to me).  Here are the black blocks for the quilt: 

This block measures 8.5" (8" finished).  The finished quilt will measure roughly 58" x 74".  I will continue making blocks of other colors for the RSC23.

I think this would have made a great Block Lotto block as long as it didn't interfere with any copyright laws.  It would be a simple block for a group of people to make in fun color schemes.

I'm linking up at Angela's blog, SoScrappy, for the RSC22.


Hopefully next week I will have a list of my RSC finishes for 2022.  I can't wait to see your parade as well.  Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Accuquilt Christmas

 This year I requested some Accuquilt dies for Christmas.  Here they are:

In typical mom/wife fashion, I purchased these in October on sale, I made note and remembered where I put them, and I will wrap them and put them under the tree for MEEEEEEE.  

Sunday, December 18, 2022

One More Applique Block

 Only one Grandma's Flower Garden block was appliqued onto a background fabric this week.

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Slow Sunday Stitching

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Grandma's Flower Garden Applique

Since I finished the my grandma's dresser scarf WIP I needed something fast to put in my sew-to-go bag.  I chose these gifted Grandma's Flower Garden blocks to applique onto blocks.

Here are the three blocks I completed this week.

I'm linking up at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Slow Sunday Stitching