Sunday, February 27, 2022

Full Stop on the Frame

 Each Sunday I dedicate to working on a specific quilt until it is finished.  Currently I am focusing on Full Stop.  Yesterday I loaded it unto the longarm.  I will continue quilting it after church today.

Again I have chose to use my Circle Lord giant template board called Egyptian Eye.  I am quilting this one with bright yellow thread.  I forgot to measure this quilt before I loaded it on to the frame.  I think it's going to be a short, twin-sized quilt (in answer to Maggie's question from last week.). I found a re-purposed sheet for the backing.  

This quilt was designed by Angela who blogs at SoScrappy and is the hostess with the mostess for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This quilt was a sew along during the RSC21.  You can learn more about Full Stop on her blog at SoScrappy: RSC21Sampler.

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Quilting is more fun than Housework

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Last Scrappy Saturday in February -- RSC22

I made a lot of progress of cleaning up my desk with the strips and left-over pieces from bindings, blocks, and random light blues and teals.  Many of them were made into 3.5" rail fence blocks.  127 to be exact!

There were 107 of the light blue and teal -- woohoo... and 20 of the miscellaneous fabrics.

If you've read this far you are in for a treat.  My largest aqua/teal quit that I started last year during the RSC21 was completed this week!  This is Gobble Gobble by Lori Holt.  You can read all the details about my Gobble Gobble quilt here.

More teals and blues were used on the back along with some Thanksgiving/fall novelty fabrics.

I also used some bright blue 1.5" squares in my Table Scraps Challenge quilt at Joyful Quilter.

I started cutting and sewing a new project called Ice Lollies.  It is a design by Latifa Safari.  I am going to start small and make the crib quilt first.  I won a prize pack with the template last year for OMG at Elm Street Quilts.  I did have to purchase a pattern to go with what I won.  I started cutting and sewing the blocks using a light blue fabric for the background.

All of a sudden I realized that I didn't have enough of the blue fabric for the sides of the blocks. Bummer.  Now I need to dig in the scrap bins to see if there is more.  Stay tuned.

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Table Scraps Challenge @ Joyful Quilter

 Here's my little table topper for Joy's Table Scraps Challenge at The Joyful Quilter TABLE SCRAPS Challenge.

These are improv butterflies or hourglasses -- whatever.  I'm not really an improv person, but it was fun to make little blocks.  I probably should have rummaged in the scrap bin longer to get a better border, but this will work.  The binding also came from the left-over binding bins.  It was the one that was just the perfect length.  There was only 7" of binding left over when this was done.  That's one 3.5" rail fence block to me.

I'm linking up at Joy's blog, The Joyful Quilter, for the Table Scraps Challenge.

Gobble Gobble is Complete

 I'm excited to share that I finished my Gobble Gobble quilt this week.  Gobble Gobble is a pattern designed by Lori Holt.  Mine measures 75" x 75".

It was just getting dark around 6pm when I finished this last night.  But with the weather the way it is this week and the prediction of possibly more snow, I took my chances to get some photos.  I didn't use the regular sashing pieces.  I just kept piecing 2.5" strips of miscellaneous teals and bright blues.  I LOVE IT! All the of pieces that make up the turkeys are either circles or dots of some sort.  I was super excited when I found that border fabric in my stash that someone gifted to me a while back.

I quilted it with bright blue thread using my Circle Lord giant template board called Egyptian Eye.  I used a small dot red fabric for binding, but a solid red for the inner border.  Man, again... I just love the way the sashing fell.  I'm going to definitely do this scrappy odd-sized sashing idea again on another quilt.

The back is a fun mix as well.  I gathered my two Thanksgiving/fall novelty fabrics.  I didn't have enough.  I added the other "Gobble" block that I didn't use on the front because I didn't think there was enough contrast between the green fabric and the blue background.  It's perfect for the back.  Then I added more bright blue with dots that seems to be landing in a bunch of quilts right now.  It's a fabric I bought a ton of at a garage sale.  I remember someone cut weird shapes out of it.  They may have used it to make a clown costume or something like that.  There were weird jagged edges and long pieces missing (like they made long pants.). Either or, it was a perfect deal and fun to have it land on this quilt.

There's even a recipe for pumpkin bars on the novelty fabric that looks really yummy!

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

St. Patrick's Day Table Topper

I saw a similar mini quilt on Instagram this week.  This is inspired by Primrose Cottage Quilts.  Check out their cute holiday-inspired designs in the Primrose Cottage Quilts Etsy Shop!  They are sooooo much cuter than mine!  I decided I would use some of my favorite shades of green and make this cheery table topper.  

It measures 20" square.  I quilted it experimenting with free-hand loopy loops.  Hind sight I probably should have put those darker squares in each corner.  I think it's still cute the way it is.  I had enough of the  hat green print for the back and binding. 

Ta-dah!!!  I started this project on Tuesday night when I took my fabric to cut and my graph paper to the school parking lot as I wanted from 6-8pm while our son was at the school dance.  (He got into trouble and lost privileges to having his phone.  He thought he would get it back if he went to the dance... NOPE.). He had a great time.  I'm so happy he can maneuver and be independent to enjoy events such as a dance.  I sat under the big lights and made good use of my time.  This project went so fast it never even landed on my WIP list.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

OMG February Finish Link Up

It's time to link up your completed projects at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal February Finish Link-up. I'm showing off my little mini that I made.  It's the Kathleen Tracy Valentine Mystery, 2022.  You can find all the details at a group on Facebook.  The group is called Kathleen Tracy Quilts on Facebook.  It measures 13.5" square.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Full Stop is a Flimsy

It didn't take long to get this quilt to the flimsy stage.  Here's Full Stop:

This quilt was designed by Angela who blogs at SoScrappy and is the hostess with the mostess for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This quilt was a sew along during the RSC21.  You can learn more about Full Stop on her blog at SoScrappy: RSC21Sampler.

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

RSC22 -- Teal & Light Blue

I'm still cutting scraps from other projects to make 3.5" rail fence blocks.  Here's 40 aqua/light blue blocks.  I didn't fussy cut anything on purpose.  I do like the Sponge Bob and the fish that are happy little surprises in these blocks.  545 of 900 blocks complete.

The reason that I don't have that many teals and aqua scraps in my collection is because during RSC21 I started making the Gobble Gobble (pattern by Lori Holt) quilt.  I'm excited that I pulled it out and loaded it onto my longarm frame this week.  There are so many fun aquas and teals in this quilt.  I didn't follow the rules for the sashing of this quilt and just continued to use random lengths of left over 2.5" pieces.

You can tell there are different sized pieces in the 2.5" strips at this angle.

I am quilting it with BRIGHT BLUE thread.  This is a little out of the norm for me, but I LOVE how this looks.  I may be quilting with more bright colors in the near future.  This is fun.  The quilting pattern is called Egyptian Eye. 

This is a gorgeous color blue in my opinion.  Outside yesterday our 14" of snow was busy melting in 55 degree Ohio weather.  Most areas in the yard and fields have a glaze of snow on top.  The out areas and driveway are a MUDDY ick color.  This color definitely brightens my day as the sun is shining!

I finally participated in one of the Project Quilting 2022 challenges.  This challenge was called Mining for Diamonds.  You can read all about it on my blog post here. It measures 60" x 7" to fit our shelf in the living room.  Below is a photo of it on the shelf.

I'm linking up at Angela's blog, SoScrappy, for the RSC22.


Friday, February 18, 2022

PQ 13.4 Mining for Diamonds Challenge

Have you tried any of the Project Quilting challenges?  This is my first one.  Challenge 4 of Project QUILTING Season 13 is called Mining for Diamonds.   Ahhh.  I haven't made a quilt with diamonds yet.

It measures 60" x 7" to fit our shelf in the living room.  

For this challenge I decided to go with the rhombus shape.  Oh to think that when my kid was in kindergarten that he didn't pass a math test or two because he didn't know the rhombus shape and always called it a diamond...  That's in the past.  Let's move on...

The diamonds in my shelf runner were all cut with my Accuquilt die 55027.  I used scraps from my light blue bin that I have been working on as the scrap color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, 2022 -- better known as RSC22.  We link up each week on Saturday and share our scrappy progress.  I rummaged through the scrap bin and picked out a few blues and had them pressed and cut in under 20 minutes on Tuesday.

Don't you love it when you go to quilt an unusual shaped piece and you reach in the batting scraps and find that perfect piece?  This piece of Warm & Natural quilt batting was trimmed off of the edge of another quilt.  The fabric I used for the backing was a piece that I bought yards and yards and yards of at a garage sale at least ten years ago.  I don't have much of it left.  This shelf runner will be turned over and displayed as the backing during April because Easter decorations go on that shelf.

I quilted it using the long wavy lines from my Circle Lord giant template board called Egyptian Eye.  I already had the template board set up from the previous quilt.  The runner was quilted in about 15 minutes on Wednesday after I found the right piece of batting.

I really like the diamond effect.  I think this would make a great border of a larger quilt someday.  Previously I had only used this die to make blocks that were diamonds in a square (3.5").  This gives this die a whole new use and many more possibilities!  Thank you PQ 13.4 for letting me step out of my comfort zone and challenge me to try something new.

Into the light blue scrap bin I reached again until I found this simple blue for the binding.  Thursday I started putting on the binding but was way to distracted from a meeting that I had at the school.  The runner will have to wait another day to be finished.

It was a meeting that happened after the IEP (individual education plan).   This meeting was in person at our son's school.  Some things were resolved.  Some bridges I feel have been burnt.  I will not stop being an advocate for our son.  I was very frustrated.  When I got home I opened my scripture and right there was God letting me know that he's got me...

1 Peter 5:10

In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus.  So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.

Friday found me refreshed and happy knowing I'm in good hands.  I got a text from the school at 5:30am -- SNOW DAY -- school closing today due to water run off and icy road patches in some areas of the district.  Welcome to the weather of unpredictable Ohio.  FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

It's time to finish this quilt and link up to win PRIZES at Persimon Dreams.

Here's the dull shelf that my husband put behind the couch when our son was little so that I could put a light and things that we needed.

There, now doesn't a little quilt add the shelf some personality?  Ahhh.

Cabins by the Lake is Complete

I'm super excited to have finished my OMG (One Main Goal) for February already.  This quilt is called Cabins by the Lake.  I started this quilt about 2017ish.  I found the Ziplock bag project in one of my project totes.  I decided that I would commit to make one block each week and post about it each Sunday.  This plan really worked for me.  Now it's a finished beauty.  It measures 61.5" x 79".

I longarm quilted it with my Circle Lord giant template board called Egyptian Eye.  On this quilt it makes me think about the wind whipping past all the cabins.

I backed it with a plaid flannel.  It's very soft and cozy.

This was quilt #7 on my American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge.  #7 was selected for February.

The flannels used were from a layer cake I won years ago.    It's been so long I can't remember the giveaway or the fabric line to give them credit.  :(. Sorry.  Some of the fabrics are cotton and not flannel such as the sashings and cornerstones.

Cabins by the Lake is a pattern from Fons & Porter Magazine.  It is even a cover quilt.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

WIP Wednesday 2.16.22

More quilty goodness happened this week.

The next quilt I am working on a little each Sunday is Full Stop.  Full Stop was designed by Angela at SoScrappy as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2021 -- RSC21.

I have five of the eight rows assembled.  Three more rows to go.

I made more progress on the quilting on the Cabins by the Lake quilt.  The pattern is by Fons & Porter.

I made all the light blue/teal HST blocks for the HST quilt.

495 of 900 rail fence blocks complete.  These are 3.5" blocks.

46 Items remain on the WIP list.
Pieces Need to be Cut & Sewn
 1.  Cheddar Jack cat pattern
 2.  Digging up Bones (Owen's dinosaur quilt)
 3.  Rock Island Campfire Quilt
 4.  Picadilly Circle
 5.  ...And Sew On BOM at Quiet Play (one block to go)
 6.  RSC16 Folk Art Birds
 7.  Random Ohio Stars -- started January, 2022
 8.  Leah Day Building Blocks QA
 9.  Dresser Scarf (My Grandma's WIP from the 1970's found 1/1/20
10.  Classic Meets Modern BOM
11.  Gypsy Wife QA started in August 2017
12.  Mod Mod QA (from Block Lotto, circles w/lines)
13.  Unity Quilt Along with Bonnie Hunter (started 4/1/2020)
14.  Rail Fence Blocks 421/900 complete started during the pink month of RSC21, January 2021
15.  Maroon Sampler Quilt--I found this on 2.6.21
16.  Kite Girl (RSC14)
17.  Amish Country BOM (from Lynn, Johnna's mom)
18.  Kathleen Tracy's 2019 Mystery Quilt Facebook QA started in March, 2019  
19.  2.5" Scraps from Dani -- making "cracker" blocks
20.  Waffle Blocks (August 2019 -- RSC19)
21.  Little Houses (2.5" blocks)

Blocks Still Need to be Made
 1.  Bluepatch Mystery Quilt
 2.  Finding Nemo Scrappy Trip quilt 
 3.  We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler
 4.  Drunkard's Path Variation quilt

Blocks Are Made But Need to be Sewn Together (and/or Some Sashing)
 1.  Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks 5/17/17 QA
 2.  Cruise blocks won from Libby
 3.  Cathy's CRAZY BY DESIGN Dot Dot Dash Bag, Won April, 2018
 4.  Split Stars (blocks won from the Block Lotto, October, 2012)
 5.  African Violet baby quilt (Block Lotto inspired)
 6.  Tall Fly (blocks won from Block Lotto)
 7.  Pre-printed cross stitch pillow sham (May 2018)
 8. Flower Baskets (blue and white with some applique) Block Lotto win 10/1/18
 9.  Full Stop, started RSC21 (January,2021)

Quilt Back Needs to be Made (Tops are Done)
1.  Card Trick (pink and blue)
2.  Hunter Green Star Quilt
3.  Good Fortune -- A Bonnie Hunter Mystery started Thanksgiving weekend, 2018

Ready to Longarm
1.  Bubble Gum Pink & Navy Quilt
2.  Gobble, Gobble, pattern by Lori Holt, started February 2021 (back made 11.15.21)
3.  Rescue Quilt from my SIL (patchwork squares)
4.  Pink Patchwork Quilt (CM) longarm quilting for a friend with Cosmos
5.  Pumpkins & the Beanstalk (a 2nd quilt)
6. GO! ABC Quilt started during the pink month of RSC21, January 2021
7.  Plus Quilt (Be Positive) started in 2016; quilt top completed 1.1.22
8.  Cabins at the Lake (from Fons  Porter Magazine) (on the longarm frame now)

Quilted & Needs Binding
1.  Stay Centered started February, 2021 

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Full Stop Progress

 The next quilt on my WIP list that I have decided to work on a little each Sunday is Full Stop.  Full Stop was designed by Angela at SoScrappy as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2021 -- RSC21.

I have five of the eight rows assembled.  Three more rows to go.

If you haven't heard of the RSC, come join the fun each Saturday on Angela's blog here.  It's fun to play with scraps of the color of the month and see what everyone posts.  There's lots of fun and inspiration of so many quilts.  February is aqua/teal month.  I plan to make a scrappy pieced back in those colors for this quilt.  That will bust a few more scraps so that I can put the bin away without it overflowing.

It also warmed up enough for me to get into the quilt room and load my Cabins by the Lake (a Fons & Porter pattern) onto the longarm frame.  (My husband also helped with fixing my temporary heater that gets the room warm fast for a short period of time.) I quilted 25% of the way on the quilt.  This is my OMG (one main goal) to finish for February.  The binding is made.  I'm well on my way.  Just because this quilt project was stale for quite a while, I don't want the quilt to come to a halt. Bring on a February finish.

I am quilting it with my giant template board from Circle Lord called Egyptian Eye.  This board is not giving me any issues with stitches skipping when the machine is still slightly cold.  The curly and swirly patterns and all-over stipples are still showing signs of skipping stitches.  Hmmm.  This will work fine for this quilt.  it looks like the wind is blowing past the cozy cabins.

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Quilting is more fun than Housework

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Scrap Happy Saturday -- Aqua and Teal

This week I worked on my RSC HST quilt.

It seems I don't have many aquas and teals without other colors in them.  That's okay.  I'm still busting those scraps.

Fifty more 3.5" rail fence blocks were made this week.  Thirty of them were in the RSC color. 495 of 900 blocks are now complete.

I'm linking up at Angela's blog, SoScrappy, for the RSC22.