Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Stiching at Speech

More waiting? No problem.  More stitching.  I need to find more of this blue floss in the drawer.  I need to finish the last blue safety pins...

Slow Sunday Stitching
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching -- Look at My Hoop Edition

I found ANOTHER red flower that needs stitched.  Seriously... I think this is the last one.  Here it is on my kitchen table shown in my white oval hoop.  Kathy at Kathy's Quilts added the fun of a photo challenge with the link-up this week.  The challenge is to take a picture of your hand-stitch project in the hoop.  So here it is:

My favorite hoop is a plastic, white 4.5" x 9" hoop.  I like it because I like to hold the small ends while stitching across the almost 9".  It's also funny because I just started slow stitching last year (as a grown-up).  I stitched when I was a kid up until about 10 years old.  I lost interest about when my grandmother (who was my sewing and crafting role model) passed away.  Now I think of her nearly every time that I stitch.  This was not her hoop.  I got this from a "free" box at a garage sale.  I also like it for small projects like this crib quilt because when I fold my project around it, it fits nicely into my school bag for when I go to work as a substitute teacher.  It doesn't take up a lot of room.
Here's a picture of it without my project on my old towel that is stained and ripped.  Funny... this is my favorite towel from my aunt.  She too has passed away.  I keep it next to my sewing machine and use it for ironing.  I don't see a brand name on it.  But it does have "THIS SIDE UP" on the bottom half.  I liked that because I totally forgot how to stitch the 40 years that I did not stitch.  Now I got it.
I also like these two hoops.  I have more than one to-go bag.  The blue one I got in the same "free" box as the white hoop.  The wooden hoop was my grandma's.  It doesn't have the screw thing on it.  But if I use it, I can easily take the one from the blue one.  I also have a box of hoops in the other house where my longarm is.  There's at least a dozen hoops in there of all different sizes.  I got that box at a garage sale for $5.  I knew I'd use them someday...  Thanks to this group, I am inspired to hand stitch while waiting on others.
I also have some metal hoops that were my grandma's and my original metal hoop that she (or my mom) gave me.  I don't use them anymore because they left a ring on one project that was a WIP.  I don't remember if it was rust or not.  It was just a ring...  I don't remember the project.  I'm pretty sure it's just something that was thrown away when the family was cleaning...  If I had that project now I would have probably made a shadow box of it and put it in my sewing room. 
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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scrap Saturday

This week I didn't get much sewing done a g a i n...  More snow days meant more fun with the kid.  They are only little once (I mean 10 and a half...)  I did get a few more four patches sewn:

We did get a lot of this done...

He did get cold waiting on me to do my chicken chores.  See the ocean container in the background?  It makes an awesome storage area for all of my barn and garden stuff.  My husband welded a nice, heavy door on it and put lights and electric in it.  I'm a lucky girl.

Here's a pic of me in my winter gear.  Brrr.  Owen takes pictures of me all the time now. :)  The chickens are getting a little "cabin fever".  Hopefully it will be in the 40's and maybe even 50 degrees this week--enough to melt the snow so that they can come out and play.  If I leave them outside when there is snow on the ground the two roosters chase each other and the hens around and sometimes somebody gets "stranded" because they really don't like getting their feet in the snow.  Fingers crossed they get some free ranging time next week.

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Shrek Jr. Musical

I found these pics on my phone the other day.  The kids at the Middle School where I sub often put on the musical Shrek.  It was fun.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

What my kid says Experiment...

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say...
 Owen 10.5
*What is something I say a lot?
 Mommy... uck!
*What makes me happy?
Eat food
*What makes me sad?
 When Owen says a bad word
*How tall am I?
 Hmmm  High
*What's my favorite thing to do?
 Play basketball
*What is my favorite food?
 Hash browns
*What is my favorite drink?
*If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
 Taco Bell
*Do you think you could live without me?
*How do I annoy you?
Hmmm You come over here...
*What is my favorite TV show?
 Big Brother
*What is my favorite music to listen to?
 Owen playing his recorder
*What is my job?
*How old am I?
*What's my favorite candy?
*what's my favorite color?
*How much do I love you?
 A lot
Copy, paste and change my answers and see what your child says

Slow Sunday Stitching

When the snow is blowing and everything is iced over here in Ohio.  This is how I roll...

Slow Sunday Stitching
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Scrappy Saturday in Blue

Today I made a few little blue 4-patch units.

These four-patch blocks will be used in my Go Four It quilt.  I need to turn this in to a baby quilt by March.  Then I'll have to turn the rest of the sub blocks into another by April for another baby.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Finish-A-Long 2018 Quarter 1 Goals

It's time to show everybody my goals for the 2018 FAL.  You can find the Finish-A-Long 2018 Quarter 1 link-up here.   In 2018 I'll continue working on my List of Projects PHD... (Projects Half Done).

This QA with Pat Sloan quilt top is complete.  It needs to have a back made, quilted and bound.

I'd like to finish this big card trick quilt for charity for my local quilt guild.

These blocks need sashing as the next stage.

I need to get caught up on my mystery quilt so graciously led by Kevin the Quilter.  Now that the mystery has been revealed, I think I may swap out the star parts for different stars that can be cut more quickly with my Accuquilt dies.  Stay tuned.

I need to get caught up on my Gypsy Wife QA.  I'm Waaaaaaaay behind.  The hard part for me is always picking out what fabrics to use.  I do have a big collection in a bag that is great for this quilt.

It's fun to work on my Go Four It quilt with scraps!  I need to turn this in to a baby quilt by March.  Then I'll have to turn the rest of the sub blocks into another by April for another baby.

I could work on my 100 Modern Blocks City Sampler quilt.  I haven't decided on a setting just yet.

I'd love to finish my Garden Party (pattern by Bonnie Hunter) quilt for my friend for her birthday in May.  Oh how I love this quilt!

I need a few more circles for my Picadilly Circle quilt.  Waiting to see what the October color is for the RSC17.  This is a slow-process quilt...

I'll continue my slow stitching project.  I don't think it will be done this quarter, but you never know...
I'd like to finish this Bonnie Hunter design.  It's been hanging on my curtain above my sewing machine for about two years.

I started a Kathryn Kerr 365 challenge for 2018.  It will NOT be done this year.  It's a block-a-day for 2018.  But I will be playing with a lot of scraps.

I have a lot of fun projects to work on.  Here's my whole list...

Pieces Still Need to be Cut & Sewn
1. Cheddar Jack cat pattern from Mama Spark's World 
2.  Digging up Bones (Owen's dinosaur quilt)
3.  Rock Island Campfire Quilt
4.  Picadilly Circle
5. ...And Sew On BOM at Quiet Play (one block to go)
6.  Go Four It! -- Scrappy 4-patches started as leader/ender June 2017
7.  Patriotic Folk Animals (from Americana Quilts Book) -- hand work for school
8.   Soul Searching -- need 2 more blocks for Julianne swap
9.  Leah Day Building Blocks QA

10.  Love Laugh Quilt Christmas Improv QA
11.  Classic Meets Modern BOM
12.  Mod Mod QA (turning this one into a baby quilt) (from block Lotto, mostly circles w/lines)
13.  Slow Sunday Stitching wool candle mat from Sue project
14.  Bonnie Hunter Garden Party (started 3.18.17.)
15,  Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM (made from shirt scraps)
16.  Kite Girl (RSC14)
17.  Amish Country BOM (from Lynn, Johnna's mom)
18.  Cabins at the Lake (from Fons & Porter Magazine) (only one house block complete.)
19.   2.5" Scraps from Dani making "cracker" blocks
20.  Flowers and Watercan (wall hanging)
21.  Little Houses (3.5" blocks)
22.  Split Stars (Block Lotto win)
23.  Spools (Leader & Ender project with Bonnie Hunter)
24.  Scrappy Hourglass Quilt 
25.  Slabs with White Rectangle (RSC14 started -- need blocks each month)
26.  Bonnie Hunter Box Kite class from March, 2017 (Will make baby quilt.)
27.  Super Mario QA
28.  2015 Orange, pink, grey kite blocks (from Accuquilt die, RSC17)
29.  Maroon Sampler Quilt
30.  Gypsy Wife QA (started again with Angie at Gnome Angel, August 2017)
31.  Crown of Thorns in blues
32.  2016 Plus Blocks (from left over pieces of Soul Searching blocks)
33.  RSC16 Folk Art Birds
34.  Kevin the Quilter's Sapphire Stars Mystery (started Summer 2017) 
35.  Kathryn Kerr's 365 Challenge (a block a day for 2018).
Blocks Still Need to be Made
1.  Bluepatch Mystery Quilt
2.  Scrap Crystals (working on blue pieces for RSC15)
3.  We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler
4.  Amanda Murphy Designs (ugly fabric quilt)
5. Finding Nemo Scrappy Trip quilt (my seams don't match Julianne's seams...)
6.  Drunkard's Path Variation baby quilt
7.  Slow Stitching Bear embroidery project (Started July, 2017 for truck to-go bag.)
8.  Kim Diehl's Table Topper from her book Simple Charm (Started August, 2017 for to-go bag.)
Blocks are made but need to be sewn together (and/or some sashing)
1.  Block Swap Adventure Orange/Yellow Sampler (2011-2012)
2.  Cruise blocks won from Libby (May OMG Goal?)
3.  Orange/Blue Fish Blocks (that I won)
4.  Split Stars (blocks won from Block Lotto; October, 2012)
5.  African Violet baby quilt (Block Lotto inspired)
6.  Tall Fly 
7.  Fortune Teller (RSC14 started)
8.  Sonja's Windows string quilt 
9.  Block Swap Adventure (2013) Churn Dash Blocks 
10.  Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks (New QA starting 5/7/17 Gnome Angel)
Quilts back needs to be made (tops are done)
1.  Surround Stars Pillow (one big block is here somewhere.  It will be a pillow when I find it.)
2. Card Trick (pink and blue) HUGE charity quilt for local quilt guild
3.  Hunter green large (bubbly -- will be a challenge to longarm) charity quilt for the local guild
4.  Spangled Stars QAL (July goal)
5.  Bubble Gum pink and navy charity quilt for local quilt guild
6.  Pat Sloan's, I Love to Make Quilts Sampler Solstice Challenge (Red & White finished top 2017)
Ready to longarm
1.  Little Letters QA Quilt (A RSC14 project)
2.  Temecula Quilt Company Magnificent Mini Monday QA (started June, 2017)
3.  String #2 (very heavy because of muslin foundation) customer quilt.
4.  Aqua and green embroidered customer quilt
5.  Bright string customer quilt
6.  Blue customer scrap quilt (similar to a Bonnie Hunter pattern)
7.  Scrap Therapy Leaves customer quilt
8.  Royal Blue embroidered customer quilt
Needs Binding

Slow Sunday Stitching -- Lesson Learned

I knew that the little embroidery markings on my baby quilt would come off at the first wash.  But what was I thinking when I threw my rinsed coffee cup with sealed lid in my sewing bag?  Yes, just a little water dripped out.  Some of the markings have been erased/smeared.  I can still see enough to sew them.  Whew.  Lesson learned.

You can see where my hoop is that I'm starting to embroider the blue safety pins.  I think all of the  yellow of the flowers are done.
The next two are the worst ones because I'll have to refer to the picture on the package to figure out the detail of the bear's feet.  But as you can see, it's pretty much all still there.  Luckily it's two more sets of red flowers that I didn't know were there. 

Slow Sunday Stitching
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Scrap Challenge Saturday

I quickly looked at Angela's blog before running to the other house where I keep the bulk of my scraps.  I saw the blue on the top...  I didn't pay attention to what color blue I needed until I had already returned with my tote of tiny scraps and sat down with a cup of coffee to read Joy's post.  Oops.  I didn't pay attention to detail.  I grabbed more dark/navy blues than light blues.  Oh well, I will play with this bag for a while until I get other light scraps.  There's a few in there...

In 2017 I had thirty finishes!  That doesn't count commission quilts.  Don't worry, I still have a WIP list that needs tamed.  I am starting a new challenge in 2018 which is Kathryn Kerr's 365 Challenge.  In this challenge I hope to average the "Make A Quilt Block Every Day of the Year for the Ultimate Sampler Quilt".   You can see inspiration of Kathryn Kerr's quilt here.  I did send Kathryn a small donation and receive the updates daily via e-mail.

I'm linking up with Angela and the gang on Angela's blog, SoScrapy for the RSC18 First ScrapHappy Saturday.

Friday, January 5, 2018

My 30 Finishes for 2017

Wow, what a year!  I didn't realize that I finished THIRTY quilting projects in 2017!  Woohoo!  (This does not include customer quilts -- these were all mine!)  I lost momentum around Halloween due to my busy school schedule.  But I am excited of all the finishes.

Red House Mini
Finished 10.27.17

Blue House Mini
Finished 10.20.17

Spangled Stars, QA design by Susan at Quilt Fabrication
Finished 10.18.17   100" x 112"

Welcome Home Sampler (pattern by Cheryl Wahl)
Finished 9.15.17    62" x 69"

Marvelous Mini Monday Mystery @ Temecula Quilt Co.
Finished 9.8.17   24" x 31"

Big O (Blocks won in the Block Lotto)
Finished 8.11.17  61.5" square

Pink/Yellow/Blue LQG Charity Baby Quilt
Finished 7.28.17 46" square

Baby Sports Bear LQG Charity Crib Quilt
Finished 7.21.17  35" x 44"

Blue & Yellow LQG Charity Crib Quilt
Finished 7.14.17    38" x 45"

'Tis The Season, 2016 Quilt Doodle Designs BOM
Finished 7.7.17  62.5" x 72.5"

Big Basket Quilt (a charity quilt for my local quilt guild)
Finished 7.7.17    100.5" x 93.5"

Guild Swap Disappearing 9-Patch (D9P)
Finished 5.25.17   56" x 81"

One House, Two House
 Finished 5.19.17  38.5" x 43.5"

The Underpants Project
Finished 5.12.17  35" x 27"

Scrappy Stars
Finished 5.5.17  36" x 51"

Shoo Fly, A charity quilt for my local quilt guild
Finished 4.28.17,  59" x 72"

Tumbler Rug #2
Finished 4.21.17    28" x 42"

My Heart Skips a Beat 2017 H2H Quilt
Finished 4.14.17   61" x 93"

RSC15 Sawtooth Sampler, Designed by Angela at SoScrappy
Finished 4.7.17   97" x 97"

Denim Tumbler Rug #1
Finished 3.17.17    28" x 44"

Celtic Solstice, 2013 Mystery by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Snips & Quips
Finished 3.18.17

  I've got to show the back on this one:

Allietare! 2015 Mystery by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Snips & Quips
Finished 3.3.17     84" x 100.5"

Sew Sweet Simplicity 2015 BOM by Jacquelynne Steves
Finished 2.27.17    41" x 55"

Microwave Bowl Cozy Set
Finished 2.17 & 2.18.17

Sunbonnet Sue (Charity quilt for local quilt guild)
Finished 1.27.17     41" x 54.5"

Candy Cane Mini
Finished 1.20.17     10" x 13"

Stars Stripes & Other Stuff
Finished 1.13.17       46" x 46"

Country Crossroads
Pattern by Lori at Humble Quilts
Finished 1.6.17       21" X 21"