Thursday, January 3, 2019

Temperature QA

Seriously, I'm not usually this organized.  I must really want to do this QA.  The Temperature Quilt Along 2019 hosted by Anina at Twiddletails.  I posted about it here.

Here's my first block for 1/1/19, 44 degrees F (high), 30 degrees F (low).

Here's my second block 40 was the high.  34 was the low.  The kite fabric is a very light grey for the 40 degrees.  The background was a rusty brown for the 34 degrees.  I'm loving these colors already.  And look at that little frog!  Isn't it cute?  There's a mouse on the top part of the second block. :)

Thank you, again, Accuquilt!  You make cutting and playing with scraps super fun.


Here's my bin of fabrics.  I'm using a lot of grey! 

Here's my color plan:
I got the color inspiration from this hand stitching project in my sew-to-go bag.