Friday, January 4, 2019

My First Ruler Purse

It's a small project, but another one bites the dust off of my WIP list.  This is my ruler purse.  I love the way it snaps shut.  I purchased the pattern and the pieces of the rulers at an estate sale this summer.

It's not big, but it will be great in my school bag to hold chargers, ear buds, my change purse...

My red/white four patches for Clue #7 of the Good Fortune 2018 mystery by Bonnie Hunter are in the background and on my sewing machine.  I'm plugging away at those little by little.  Here's another inside shot of my ruler purse:

When I bought it at the estate sale the nice lady had four more pieces of the rulers.  I'll make these "someday".  But for now, I'm just marking my WIP list down by one (so that I don't feel guilty adding a few more to it for the start of 2019.)

This ruler purse was one of my FAL 2019 Q1 goals as well.  I'm linking up to the FAL here.

My 2019 FAL Q1 goal list is here.

I'm linking up with Myra at Busy Hands Quilts for Finished Or Not Friday linky party.

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