Friday, January 11, 2019

Customer's 4" Patchwork Quilt -- A Friday Finish

I am all caught up on customer quilts (except for one that a customer need to repair and return to me.)  I finished the quilting on this 4" patchwork quilt.  It looks fabulous.

The backing fabric was smaller than my liking.  I had to add fabric to the top and bottom so that I could attach it to my leader grips.  Look how there is only 2" on the bottom.  There was less than half an inch on the top.  I normally require 5" all around the quilt.  The sides had at least 2".  Whew!
...and yes, it's cold here in Ohio.  I LOVE wearing "runners' shirts that cover the top of my hand when quilting in the other house.  It's something so small but makes a big difference on my comfort level.  I'll be searching the Goodwill outlet for more the next time I go.

I took a couple of different photos of the quilting.  I used the template called Airborne from Urban Elementz for the longarm quilting.  It was my first time using the template.  I like it.  I don't like the boards as much as from Circle Lord, but there are more design options.

Here's a picture from the back.  It looks like a stained glass window with stripes in it.

Here's a photo of the back.  The customer selected this green striped fabric.

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