Sunday, January 27, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching 1.27.19

Seriously?  It's the last Sunday of January already?  Wow.  Even though it's super cold (mostly in the teens here in Ohio) time is flying.

I found my large Aida cloth!  I didn't start this free sampler group until last week.  The pattern for January is this beautiful this peacock.  I can't wait to see what February brings.  I better keep stitching. 

I found FREE cross stitch sampler on a Facebook group.  It's called Linen and Threads - Mystery Sampler SAL.  The website for the free patterns each month is here.  January started off with a beautiful this peacock.  I can't wait to see what February brings.  I better keep stitching.  The pattern is provided.  You pick the colors.  

This week at school another teacher gave me her old tote bag because she thought of me.  Isn't that sweet?  This is PERFECT for my new project!  Look at all those pockets!  There are pockets on the inside as well.  It even matches my thermos.

I'm linking up with Kathy at Kathy's Quilts. for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Come check out the fun.
Slow Sunday Stitching

Just for fun I'm posting a picture of Wiggles the rooster.  Owen was a huge fan of the Wiggles -- a singing group from Australia  that entertain children.  The chickens don't like to go outside when there's snow on the ground.  I opened the brooder part of the coop so that they could reduce boredom and go into the other "room".

Wiggles got his name when our son was younger.  I still remember bringing him home in the cab of the truck with my sister-in-law holding him wrapped in a towel on the front seat.  That was 3/21/15.  He's a first generation Easter Egger.  He is soooo calm and tame.  He's the king of the roost!


Sarah said...

Your peacock is coming along nicely. Is he going to be one colour? I've also joined in the mystery stitch-a-long (I couldn't resist after reading your post last week) But I must admit I am struggling with my colours! It's my first ever mystery anything and I think I'm having trouble because I can't see the whole thing....might feel better when Febs block is published!!

CathieJ said...

Your peacock is looking great. I am envious of that tote. I am always looking for ones with lots of pockets.

Birthe Marie said...

It's going to be a great peacock! :-)