Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fermented Carrots

Have you ever tried fermented carrots?  One of the teachers took a weekend class on fermenting things.  She brought some in for her class to try.  They were delicious! Her class experimented with fermented carrots and sauerkraut.  She explained how good for your digestive system fermented things are.  (She and her husband always have fun and cool healthy things that they make and do.  I admire that.)
I packed the jars two different ways.  The jar on the right is obviously fuller.  It has baby carrots on the bottom and full-sized carrots cut into carrot sticks on the top.  The trick is to keep the carrots covered.  They sat on the counter for three days.  Then it's ten days in the fridge to ferment longer.

I followed this recipe.

I was happy to sit at my kitchen table and watch the big tv in the living room.
I carefully packed carrots with slivers of ginger into the jars.

They are packed so tightly that when I turn it upside down they don't fall out.
Turmeric makes the salted water look cloudy right now.

We get to taste them on Saturday.  I'm excited!  Hope they all stay under the salt water.

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