Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching, 3.26.17

Things got all bunched up on me last week and I missed Slow Sunday Stitching.  I'm back this week.  I'm starting the little round buds on the branches now.  These bazillion buds are the last step before I put the borders on it.

Here's how it was when I missed posting last Sunday...  It's all good.

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Click by and check out all the other GORGEOUS projects at today's linky party here.
I started this project in December, 2016.  The pattern is called Homestead Harvest.  Below is a picture of the quilt I am making.  I am learning applique.  The pattern is from the book Simple Appeal, 14 Patchwork and Applique Projects for Everyday Living by Kim Diehl.


  1. Beautiful! Love the applique background - so visually peaceful!

  2. You will be an expert circle appliquer by the time you finish all those practice circles... wow that's a lot of circles! Enjoy your hand stitching time!

  3. That is a lot of little circles! Looking good!

  4. The circles add so much to the project. It's coming along great.

  5. What a wonderful project. Though - all of those circles! Wow! What method are you using for the applique?