Friday, March 3, 2017

Minecraft Heart

I started making a few Minecraft blocks.  Kelli from Seriously, I Think It Needs Stitches,  has been having Minecraft Monday for quite some time.  I hesitated to jump in, but I can't resist any longer.  Her plan was to make a Minecraft for her son's 10th birthday.  Our son is going to be 10 in June.  I still owe him a Mario quilt that I started.  BUT it's not big enough.  He saw these Minecraft blocks and wanted them too.  Perfect!  I will put the Minecraft blocks around the Mario block and it will be PERFECT for him!

I'm letting him pick what blocks he wants.  Here's the heart block.

It's a hit!  He loves the purple I picked.  I'm linking up with the Minecraft Show N Tell here.

You can find the pattern tutorial for the heart block here. 

Minecraft Mondays SewAlong

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