Monday, June 24, 2019

Nolting 23XL Stitch Problems...

On Friday I dropped off three finished quilts to my customer.  I had them a little over six months and was wondering if I was still her favorite longarmer...  I was.  She gave me two more quilts to longarm for her.  I dropped our son off at church camp on Sunday and came home and got busy on the first quilt. 

I was quilting along using my Circle Lord giant template board called Clam Shell.  The quilt was looking fabulous.  I found it odd what if I quilted west to east (right to left from the backside of the longarm) that it would make a beautiful line of stitches all the way across the quilt.  When I quilted east to west the thread would break about every four swoops of clam shells.  (I believe this green board design has been retired.)

I thought to myself, hmmm let's troubleshoot.  If I called my Nolting dealer he would ask me what has changed since I quilted the last quilt nicely?

1.  At the end of the last quilt I broke a needle and didn't know why the old needle broke.

2.  I changed thread, but I believe this tread is the same brand and weight of the last thread.  Only the color is different.

3.  This quilt is of all cotton fabric with a piece of sheet here and there as a scrap.  Hmmm.

I wasn't a tension issue.  The stitches were beautiful.  But I did find a thread stuck in the bobbin area.

It was a pesky little thread.  I'm pointing at it with my stitch ripper.

Hooray!  I got it out in one piece!

My husband arrives to the scene about 8pm.  He's always interested in anything mechanical -- ANYTHING -- as long as they don't have to do with my computer, phone,  tv set-up or cameras.  The bigger the piece of equipment, the better.  He is always intrigued by my Nolting 23XL longarm but not my sewing machine.

I explain in detail what it is doing.  I demonstrate a few rows that I can perfectly stitch from west to east (it's always best to talk in the most possible technical terms with him and use part names vs. "thingy" or "dohicky".  I show him the tread breaking when I stitch east to west.  My longarm (unlike my truck) was predictable and the thread broke every fourth clam shell!

My husband thinks that I need to change the needle again.  I told him that I thought maybe the thread was not aligning properly in the needle and that I had already tried positioning the needle again.  I got out another brand new needle from the manufacture package and put that one in.  Same results.

Then he takes this apart.  He thinks the needle is hitting something and bending.  Hmmm.  I know that there is supposed to be a little flex in the needle to make the hook in the thread, but I left him go.  My husband has adjusted the timing on my longarm previously.

Next he takes everything apart.  I think at this point he is fascinated by the amount of my own tools I have.  He's going through my tool box saying, "Hmmm.  Hmmm.  Hmmm."  Tools are his thing.  He does not recognize any of the tools in the box as his and is slightly impressed that I went to a store and got my own set of tools that I needed such as Allen wrenches, mini screw drivers, screw drivers, flashlights, and pliers.  Later I showed him the set of tools that I inherited from his mom in her sewing things.  His mom and I had very similar interests.

You can also see in the customer quilt pic below that the quilt stitches an seams aren't perfect on her quilts.  I always think this gives her quilts personality.  She loves to sew and quilt.  She uses fabrics that she has.  She cuts everything with scissors and does not like to use a rotary cutter.  She wants to make a quilt for every one of her grandchildren.  I think there are about 15 of them.

An hour later hours later...  Still working on it.

He's super cute!  He is one of the most patient people I know!

The manual, the internet on my phone, and a YouTube video and two hours later he was still working on it.  It's almost back into time, but there is a skipped stitch here and there.  Because it was skipping stitches I did not try the east to west thread breaking problem.  It has to be in time before I test that.  We went to bed a little after 11pm.  Tomorrow is another day to work on it.  Instead of longarming my customer quilts and getting them done lickety split, I guess I'll have to work on a few other things today.

To be continued...

Moving It Forward Monday

I finally finished the orange Sand Castle blocks (a Bonnie Hunter pattern).  I was supposed to work on orange scraps in May for the RSC19, but the month got away from me.  They are all complete now for orange.

I'm linking up at Em's Scrap Bag for Moving it Forward Monday.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt -- With Kevin the Quilter!

I'm starting a new summer project!!!  Woohoo!!!

Check out all the details on Kevin the Quilter's Blog.

I have already decided that one of my colors will be NEUTRALS!!!  I have plenty of them.  This big bin is already handy and by my sewing machine. 

I'm not sure what other color to pick yet.  Hmmmm.  I have a lot of blues and greens...  Hmmmm.

Marking these days on my calendar... Hope you play along too.

June 27

July 25
August 22

The 2019 Garden

Here's the current situation of my garden.  Hopefully it will be dry enough to run my rototiller and/or Mantis this week.  We have had more rain here in Ohio than usual this year.  The plants look great so far!

The zucchini and squash are doing great.  I hope to have some baby zucchinis next week.  I finally found a zoodle maker that I love.  I got it on eBay.  

Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer / Spiralizer A4982799 

The tomato cages are re-purposed tv antennae pieced that I personally cut with the cutting torch one day while our son was in pre-school.  They make great heavy duty cages.  I need about 30 more cages for the rest of the tomatoes this year.  I'm not sure yet if I will just buy them or use fence posts and tie them with pretty fabric strings.  That would be more work, but I have all the materials.

It's a tomato canning year.  Hoping for a great crop.  

The swimming pool ladder is a great place for cucumbers to climb.  I saw a relative cleaned out his garage and put another one on our porch.  I may grab that and put it in the garden as well for the other hill of cucumbers.  Re-use and re-purpose -- love it!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Scrap Happy Saturday -- The June Blues

I finally got out some blue scraps after being shamed out of using my orange scraps that I am STILL not done with... LOL.  Here's five Sand Castle block (a Bonnie Hunter pattern.)  They aren't all super dark blues, but blue none the less.

...and here's the last of the orange 4-patches for now.  You can see that I really needed to get some fun colors into the blocks above.  I'm almost out of purples and pinks already.  Those months should be coming... right?  Hint hint, Angela!  I'm still working on my orange sand castle blocks as well.

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It other news, we have had SUNSHINE in Ohio for two days!!!  I could mow and my husband re-dug the washed out ditch and culvert last night and was able to grade the driveway today.  Ahhh.  I love a fresh graded driveway.  My hubby knows how to keep me happy. :)

I don't post that many pictures of my husband.  He's a little camera shy.  Don't worry... he is wearing shorts!  They blend in with the tractor a little.  I love the Discovery Channel show called Naked & Afraid.  LOL.  I am so blessed to have him as a partner in life. 

Last night was a great night for playing baseball.  Here's my favorite catcher.

Here's what it looked like after I mowed the muddy yard.  Some of the fancy allotments have fancy mowing stripes.  I have muddy brown stripes.  I love living out where we can't get cable or natural gas.  800 feet from the main road is fine with me.

My grandma was a quilter.  She was very talented and won many ribbons at the Ohio State Fair.   She passed away in 1975, but I am proud to say that she is the grandparent that I relate to the most -- my quilting, my thrifty heart, my crafts, my cooking, my chickens, my canning, my gardening, my spirituality...There is a little bad blood in our family.  I didn't get the things that were supposed to be divided in the will.  That's water under the bridge.  Every once in a while I find something tucked into a box that was regarded as "junk" from another family member.  This week I found her songbook from the 1950's.  It has things tucked in there in her handwriting and newspaper clippings and sewing/quilting patterns.  I believe that NOTHING happens by chance.  I believe that everything is perfectly timed by God.  I was meant to find this book this day.  Oh the sentimental value of this book.  I love it.  It will be at my sewing desk for quite a while.  It's amazing that the songs she loved in church are also some of the songs that I love in church.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Customer Blue and 4-Patch Quilt -- A Friday Finish!

I'm so happy that this blue and 4-patch customer quilt is finished.  I think part of the reason that it gave me longarm problems is that it is made from several different types of fabrics (front and back).  Done is done.  I called the customer and hopefully she's not upset for me having it for too long and I can drop it (and it's friends) off by the weekend.

I longarm quilted it with pink thread because the back was mostly pink.  I used my Circle Lord giant template board called Ribbles.  It's a looser pattern and allowed for me to work in some of the fullness.

Here's a glimpse of the back.  It was pieced.  It was part of a white sheet in the center and pink gingham check on the sides.  I had to add more white after the pink gingham because the backing fabric was not wide enough.  I had to add enough to the bottom so that I can use my grippers to clamp it into the frame = extra work...  But it's done.

I originally planned on using my Swirls template board, but I had tension issues and there was just too much fullness here and there.  That was unwanted re-work on my part, but like I said...DONE!

There are still threatening skies here in Ohio.  I didn't chance hanging it out on the clothesline.

Here it is rolled up and back in the batting bag just waiting with the other two quilts to get returned to the quilter.  :)  Oh what a happy sight to me!

Update:  When I dropped off the three above quilts my customer was satisfied with them and gave me two more to quilt for her.  Whew!  I was a little worried because I have had them since December '19.  My customer also understands that I don't longarm quilt during the cold winter months.  Glad they are done!

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Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

I found some new linky parties I hope to be part of the future as well.  I'm linking up with Michelle at From Bolt to Beaty and Nina at Creations - Quilts, Art...Whatever for Off the Wall Fridays.

Creations by Nina-Marie

I also found Wendy of Wendy's Quilts and More for the Peacock Party!

Speaking of Ohio weather.  Look!  I put stripes in the yard while getting a chance to mow today -- brown mud stripes that is.  LOL.  The entire ditch an culvert needed cleaned.  My husband did that an put back some of the washed out driveway back with the backhoe last night.

I got this photo of two turkeys in the yard this morning.  They are regulars.  The turkey on this side of the driveway is interacting with a bunny hiding in the grass (that little brown dot.)  See it?

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bowling With the HIGH SCHOOL!

We spent the afternoon this week with our regular bowling activity.  He was starting to beat me.  Now, entering 6th grade this fall, he is allowed to practice with the high school bowling team.  Since they have been starting to coach things I am leaving things alone and letting them COACH.  His scores are going down, but he is learning fundamentals.  Glad they are starting at 6th grade!

Owen also participates in the summer reading program at our local library.  It's funny that's he's Mr. popular at our local branch.  EVERYBODY -- even the substitute librarians -- knows him.  Even his aunt can go into the library and they know HER just by association -- and she's such an amazing part of his life.  Anywho... one of the reading prizes this week was a free doughnut at a local doughnut place.  I confidentially left him out at the parking lot (and made sure he got to the sidewalk safely, of course.)  We had never been to this particular doughnut shop location.  He took his coupon and confidentially walked in, had a conversation with the person at the counter and proudly got his free cream stick with sprinkles.  I watched as the counter worker who has never met him before gave him a high five before he left.

We are SOOOOO PROUD of our son and the independent young man he is becoming.  Next week he'll be at church camp for the fourth year in a row.  He spends three nights and four days there!  We have an amazing church family.  He can't wait to go.  Like I said, we are just SO PROUD of him!