Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November FNSI Results

A couple of days late, but here's my Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) results:

These are Block Lotto "Big O" blocks that I won on 12.31.2014.  Now I need to make a scrappy back to match.


And here's where we found our elf, Chippy, today.

Hope you are going to join in with us this Friday night for our sew in with Wendy and friends,to sign up go here.

I found a pile of Block Lotto "Big O" blocks that would love to be put together.  I won these blocks on 12.31.2014.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Courthouse Steps Quilt on the Frame

Here's another customer quilt on the frame.  The block is called Courthouse Steps.  I LOVE the rich colors of browns and creams.  The red inner border and keystones really pulls everything together.  This quilt is now on my long bucket list.  But I know I have the scraps for it!

This is the last quilt (of five this time) from this customer that I wanted to have done before the Bonnie Hunter mystery starts on 11/27.  Whohoo!  It looks like it's going to happen.  It will also be nice to get them back to her this early before Christmas so that she can give them as gifts if she wants to.  She said that her plan was to put the binding on and then teach the kids how to finish the binding by hand sewing!  I think that's a great gift!
I'm quilting it with the Circle Lord giant board called Jesters.  It's a very versatile pattern.  This giant board has also paid for itself by being used on customer quilts.  :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chippy & Barbie -- Hair Style

Here's what Chippy and Barbie were doing this morning:

Another fun one by Aunt Jo! Love the details! Chippy has a "C" on his suit, the brush is cool, Barbie has a cute mirror, the ties in her hair, the Lego chair, she is looking at a styling book! Good job, Jo! AND we are all getting haircuts by Jo today!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chippy and the Chips

Glad Aunt Jo doesn't have to go to work today!  (Aunt Jo works in a potato chip factory.)  Chippy took her lunch box and is eating our chips!  Oh, Chippy!

Pat Sloan's 2015 Vacation Time Mystery BOM -- A Friday Finish

Here's my Friday finish for this week.  It's the 2015 Mystery BOM called Vacation Time by Pat Sloan.

I quilted it with Circle Lord "Birdys".  Because it was so scrappy and every color, I quilted it using up all those partial bobbins and different colored threads. :)

The back is super duper scrappy.  I used all those fabrics that I couldn't sort into a color bin.

I'm linking up with Richard and Tanya for Link-A-Friday Finish.
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chippy is BACK!!!

Our 8-year old loves his elf, Chippy.  Well, Chippy arrived yesterday.  Can't wait to see what Chippy does this year now that Aunt Jo is living with us!  Be prepared for some exciting adventures.