Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Fourth of July -- Monday Making -- Garden Pic

 I finished the longarm quilting and returned a friend's patchwork quilt (see it here.). She gave me another quilt to longarm for her.  I hope to get it loaded today.

This one looks a lot like the last one I did for her except it looks like it may have a stretchy border that may need a little help getting into the right place to be quilted.  We shall see.  This one will have a really fuzzy (sheep-like) blanket in place of the batting.  It's quite soft.  All the other "alternative" battings have worked thus far.  I don't expect this one to give me problems.

I'm linking up at Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making.

And here's what my garden is looking like on the 4th of July.  I've been having to water it.  Hopeful for rain this week.  

It's much smaller than the years in the past due to the moving of all of the stuff onto our property line.  I also have a melon patch that is just starting out.

I planted random seeds around the orchard trees.  They all had nice, good ground around the bases of each of them.  It will be interresting to see what grows up there.  It's not an easy area to water, so nature will have to take care of those if they are going to produce.

I have a little sunflower patch.  I think I counted about two dozen sunflowers that came up.  I planted another pack in the spots where nothing came up.  It seems the crows keep an eye on me while I'm planting seeds in the orchard area.  When I leave the buffet is open.  There are also some xenias in the sunflower patch.  I love the random colors of xenias.  Can't wait to get a pic of that when they get bigger.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the garden photos. I am battling with Rabbits and japanese beetles in the garden. I have a tiny garden and am in the process of fencing it off with green chicken wire which is inordinately expensive. Your soil looks wonderful. I have to keep adding compost to my clay based ones. I would love to have a big garden, but I have a postage stamp. Hope you get some rain!

patty a. said...

Yes we could use some rain for our gardens! I have been out watering almost every night. My zucchini plants are growing like crazy, but I don't have any zucchinis yet. My Shasta daisies are already starting to fade. I think this year I am going to cut them back once more of the blooms are gone and see if they will shoot up a second batch of flowers.