Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Kite Blocks

As I was rooting around in the desk drawer yesterday I found a ziploc bag of kite blocks.  I decided to play with them on the desk.  This project went stale because I just couldn't vision a finished layout for a project.

I liked the color combo of orange, pink, and grey.  I know I had touched these blocks just too many times in the drawer.  I decided to just put them together this way.  This project has been hanging around for so long that it wasn't even on my WIP list until now.

I'm most likely going to put another border of bright pink from my stash to make this little quilt a little bigger.  This will be a nice little project to play with on the longarm after it is empty.

1 comment:

patty a. said...

I like those kite blocks. If you add another pieced row before another border would it be big enough for a baby quilt? It is always good to have a few of those at the ready! I hope Owen is doing well.