Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Longarm Quilting on Patchwork Quilt

I finished the quilting on this patchwork quilt for a friend.

This quilt has a puffy texture.  I actually like the softness a lot.  The challenge this time was that she gave me a stretchy blanket for the batting.  It was a few inches shy of being enough for the quilt.  I added a scrap piece of polyester batting to the other end to make it work.  I really don't think the recipient will be able to tell the change of batting.  I quilted it with the Jesters pattern.

This friend gave me some seeds that I planted sometime in June.  She gave me what she called Mexican sunflowers.  I have the tendency to not know the real names of flowers.  This one has a little pink xenia growing in front of it as well.  In fact, it's one of the only xenias that survived in this planting spot.  Apparently deer love Xenia. 

Below is the little sunflower patch that remains after we came home from being away for the week.  We were camping in Presque Isle, PA.  You can see the larger (regular) sunflower in the back is now just a stalk.  I replanted other sunflowers in the same row after I realized that most of them wouldn't survive because of the deer.  This little patch is in a field that I mow where my husband parks equipment.  One day he moved a truck and I realized that it didn't have a lot of weeds.  I tilled it and made this little garden area since my garden area had to be moved this year and I had more seeds then space.  

Things like this just drives my husband crazy.  But that's my job.  Ha ha.  If that's one of the worse things I do this growing season, that's not that bad.  He can park the truck a few spots over...  The deer don't seem to be eating the Mexican sunflowers as much.  Maybe they are too spicy.  LOL.

My friend also gave me some castor bean seeds.  This image shows what it looks like in her flowerbed.  I asked for the "purple flowering beans" that she gave me a previous year.  She must have gotten it mixed up what I was asking for since I never really know the real names of things.  The seeds were dated 2017 or something like that in the little jar she gave me.  Two of them are growing!  Here's one that I planted by the cucumber ladder.  Apparently cucumber are also on the all-you-can-eat buffet for the deer this year.

Luckily I found my own "flowering purple bean" seeds that I saved.  (I found them in a tin in the kitchen where my kid keeps his hotspot charger...).  I think I planted these seeds in July.

I'm linking up with Beth's Monday Making party at Love Laugh Quilt.  I love the block that she is making in a quilt called The Most Beautiful Quilt Block.  Beth has a great YouTube channel.  She walks you through making the blocks step by step.  You can check out this block specifically here:  The most beautiful quilt block



Anonymous said...

Be careful, I think castor bean plants are really poisonous.

patty a. said...

The quilt turned out great! Another one done! The deer never touch the zinnias I planted so maybe it was some other animal that liked them for a snack. Sunflowers would never survive in my yard. Between the racoons, deer, chipmunks, and crows they would have no chance.

Linda Swanekamp said...

My flower garden is in shreds due to an overbundance of bunnies. Good thing I don't have to grow food to live on. Love the puffy quilt. Squishy mailed yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Be Very Careful. castor beans are highly toxic!