Thursday, June 20, 2019

Unofficial Accuquilt Die Review

I am not an employee or affiliated with Accuquilt.  I am a HUGE Accuquilt fan and loyal user.  Let me tell you why...

It seems like some of my friend don't know what to do with little bits and pieces of scraps after they are done making their quilts.  They put them in a bag and surprise me when they see me... at home, at a guild meeting, at church, at school... Scraps just show up.  Here's an example of some neutral strips and pieces that I pulled from my bin today.

I love to work with 1.5" squares on so many things.  I used to cut them all to length by hand from my 1.5" strips (cut with my Accuquilt strip die #55024).

My newest die is the 1.5" square (1" finished) Accuquilt die #55470.  I like this die and will be using it often to get rid of my tiniest of scraps.  I'm not really sure why Accuquilt put spaces between each square unless it was for better visibility for fabric placement.

I ironed and layered my fabric up to six layers, put on a mat (all of my mats would work because they are all bigger than this die) and cranked them through.  Within 10 minutes I had over 200 accurately cut squares.

Sometimes I purchase my dies on eBay, Amazon, and sometimes just directly from the Accuquilt site.  I found the best deal on this die on the Accuquilt site.  (I had points and a coupon to use.)  It is a newer die.  That is where I normally purchase newer dies.

I once talked on the phone to a person that worked at Fabric Hut in Virginia. Fabric Hut is a great source via Amazon and Ebay and their website for Accuquilt dies.  They even offer free shipping from time to time.  The person I talked to said that they offer great Accuquilt die prices because when a die becomes "older" Fabric Hut purchases it by the pallet from Accuquilt and sells it at a discounted price.

I whipped up these 4-patches in no time...and yes, I'm still working on orange blocks for the RSC19.


  1. I just cut up some large scraps and some what was I thinking fat quarters using the tumbler die. One of these days, I'll make a scrappy tumbler!

  2. I don't have a cutting machine like that, but I think after reading this I could use one. I have bins and bins of scraps that needs made into quilts. The thought of cutting them up is overwhelming knowing it is going to take a lot of hours doing it with a rotary cutter.