Friday, June 21, 2019

Customer Blue and 4-Patch Quilt -- A Friday Finish!

I'm so happy that this blue and 4-patch customer quilt is finished.  I think part of the reason that it gave me longarm problems is that it is made from several different types of fabrics (front and back).  Done is done.  I called the customer and hopefully she's not upset for me having it for too long and I can drop it (and it's friends) off by the weekend.

I longarm quilted it with pink thread because the back was mostly pink.  I used my Circle Lord giant template board called Ribbles.  It's a looser pattern and allowed for me to work in some of the fullness.

Here's a glimpse of the back.  It was pieced.  It was part of a white sheet in the center and pink gingham check on the sides.  I had to add more white after the pink gingham because the backing fabric was not wide enough.  I had to add enough to the bottom so that I can use my grippers to clamp it into the frame = extra work...  But it's done.

I originally planned on using my Swirls template board, but I had tension issues and there was just too much fullness here and there.  That was unwanted re-work on my part, but like I said...DONE!

There are still threatening skies here in Ohio.  I didn't chance hanging it out on the clothesline.

Here it is rolled up and back in the batting bag just waiting with the other two quilts to get returned to the quilter.  :)  Oh what a happy sight to me!

Update:  When I dropped off the three above quilts my customer was satisfied with them and gave me two more to quilt for her.  Whew!  I was a little worried because I have had them since December '19.  My customer also understands that I don't longarm quilt during the cold winter months.  Glad they are done!

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Speaking of Ohio weather.  Look!  I put stripes in the yard while getting a chance to mow today -- brown mud stripes that is.  LOL.  The entire ditch an culvert needed cleaned.  My husband did that an put back some of the washed out driveway back with the backhoe last night.

I got this photo of two turkeys in the yard this morning.  They are regulars.  The turkey on this side of the driveway is interacting with a bunny hiding in the grass (that little brown dot.)  See it?

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patty a. said...

Quilting tops with excess fullness is hard, but this top looks like you handled it beautifully! Here in NE Ohio we have had our share of rain too. I mowed my grass before this last round of rain came thru this week, but with the sunshine today I bet I will be mowing this weekend. I hope the backyard dries out enough so it isn't squishy. For some reason when I publish your comment on my blog it doesn't show up in my gmail so I can respond to you directly. Maybe if you send me an email directly I can save your address and you comment will show up next time. My email address is pattynubs at gmail dot com. Take care!