Saturday, December 27, 2014

Surprise Table Topper -- RSC14 and 2015 Plans

I've always admired this little quilt on Pinterest.

While putting away my scraps from November RSC14, I noticed I had many 1.5" strips left over from the Little Letters QA.

I found a pattern in a library book.  This little 27" square quilt is called Plaid Patches.  It is in the book Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Quilts, by Connie Tesene and Mary Tendall of Country Threads.  I'm so lucky our county library has access to so many fun quilt books.  I look at the online catalog, make my selection, and magically the book is delivered to my local library for pick-up.  And it's all FREE!!!  Woot woot!

Now to find a simple backing and think of how to quilt it.  The fun begins.  Looking forward to a lot in the RSC15 next year.  Here are some of my plans:

1.  Finish the above quilt (quilt and bind).
2.  Finish the Kite Girl quilt (will make a red one and then decide on how to sash.)
3.  Finish my Picadilly Circle quilt (need light & dark greens, yellow, and maroon--4 blocks)
4.  Finish the Scrumption Butter Churn (churn dash) quilt -- all blocks made needs sashing.
5.  Quilt the Little Letters quilt -- (quilt and bind).
6.  Continue making Urban Classics blocks in different colors (only made 2 so far).
7.  Continue Crown on Thorns blocks on the blue months.
8.  Make Scrap Crystals blocks on the blue and green months.
9.  Continue Fortune Teller blocks each month (strings blocks).  Only about 8 or so are made.
10. Scrappy string blocks in each color (with one little 2" x 3" piece of white).
11. Continue making rainbow colored knot blocks until I have enough for a crib quilt.
12.  Continue making underpants blocks.
13.  Start the RSC15 stars QA.

Now that I have looked at my list, I noticed that I have twelve projects.  Could that mean one finish each month?  Hmmmm.  2015 was supposed to just be my year of scraps and strings.  Maybe 2015 should be the year of finishes.  I'll make a complete list and report back here on WIP Wednesday.  I need to make a realistic list of all the projects that I have started and pick them off one by one... one way or another (finish, make into another project, trade, give away.)

 I'm linking up with Angela at ScrapHappy blog. for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, 2014.
This was my first year for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Here are a couple finishes:
Cascadia doll quilt. 
Born on the 4th. (July -- reds)
Not really scrappy, but used the reds from July for the challenge. 


scraphappy said...

What a great list of projects! Looks like a great year ahead. A year of finishes every so often is always a nice way to cross lots off the list. Looking forward to seeing all you accomplish.

Sally Trude said...

Plaid patches is delightful...would make a great full size quilt too.

Nell's Quilts said...

Great to have a plan so there's always something to work on. Great quilts.

sophie said...

I always admire just how organized you are ... and look a what that organization has accomplished! Beautiful!

Kate said...

I love the Underpants blocks, very, very fun! The block you have picked out for the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge is going to be a fun one to make. Good luck with all your plans. I've started sorted through my projects trying to decide if there is a logic way to organize finishing them off.

Sheila said...

Beautiful finishes. I look forward to seeing your list of quilts in progress finished in 2015 : )

Jo said...

Maybe you could use your 1.5" strips on this project to help out.

Rachel said...

Those are some very nice projects! You've got a busy year planned. I hope you do it all and more. Maybe I'll get motivated following your progress!