Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Finish -- A Teal Tutu

Well, it's not a quilty finish, but it's a Friday Finish none the less.  This is the third tutu that I have made for a friend.  I didn't realize how much time involved (this one NINE hours!) in a simple tutu.  This time I used my new ruffle foot from Hong Kong.  I know I should buy American, but the American foot at the store where I bought my Husqvarna-Viking sewing machine was $79+ tax.  I got the same version on eBay from Hong Kong (including shipping) for $12.  Really?

The foot worked perfectly.  It gathered the tulle nicely.  I played around with some cotton and could do very nice, even-spaced pleats.  I'll use this foot again sometime.  Maybe even in a quilt ruffle or something.  The cotton ruffles would look nice on cute bags.

This color tutu was requested because the family is going to see Disney on Ice.  Frozen is a BIG DEAL in their household!

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Julianne said...

It turned out great!