Friday, December 12, 2014

Seeing Double? Friday Finish #2

I'm excited that I just finished Frosty & Friends quilt #2 in blue.  My son has two special teachers this year.  These are teacher gifts for them.  I'm so happy that I beat the deadline of next Friday and that these two are done.

Frosty & Friends is a pattern by Debbie Mumm.  It is in a book from 1992 called Quick Country Quilting.   This used to be a free pattern on  Debbie Mumm's site here.   I can't find it right now. :(

Linking up with Link-A-Finish Friday with Richard and Tanya here.

LAFF - Richard and Tanya Quilts


Andee said...

These are just so cute!

Jo said...

Well done on getting them finished early. How are you going to do the faces or are you leaving them blank

Jasmine said...

What a relief to have them done early. They look great!

Michele said...

They really look great.