Sunday, March 16, 2014

LQG Tea Quilt - Quilting DONE!

I got rid of the raffle quilt for our local quilt guild's Spring Tea event today.  I completed the longarm quilting on it.  Others made the blocks and assembled the top.  I passed it on to the person that gets to put on the label and binding.  Whew.  Glad my part is done!

Here it is on my son's 6' trampoline.  I didn't want to handle it very much to chance it getting dirty.  I for sure didn't want to hang it on the clothesline with this weather and have it touch the ground!

I quilted it with swirls as requested by the quilt guild.  I ordered another Circle Lord template.  It should be coming next week.  I need to be a more-than-one-trick pony.

I'm happy to link up today's finish with Richard and Tanya Quilts for the Link-A-Finish FRIDAY.



Michele said...

Really nicely done!

DeeDee said...

You might enjoy the Cosmos template....