Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Spinoff Project -- Flannel Table Topper

When I finished putting together the Cabins by the Lake quilt I didn't just take the scraps and wad them up in a baggie and throw them in a bin.  That's what usually happens.  Because they were flannel and a collection, I cut as many 2.5" squares that I could and made this cute little project:

It measures 20.5" x 22".  I know it adds another project to my WIP list, but the hard part is done.  It just needs quilted and bound for a quick 2022 finish.  It will make a cute fall table topper.  Sometimes I just need a little mindless sewing.

Cabins by the Lake is a Fons & Porter pattern.  Here the top I recently finished on 12/26/21:



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Laundered Cotton said...

That is lovely, and in my favorite colors!