Thursday, December 23, 2021

Final Box Kite Blocks

 Boy, I haven't worked on these blocks for a long time.  I had to look them up on my blog to remember how to put them together.  Here's the last six blocks for a 7 x 10 layout.  Yes, it's going to be a weird size.

Box Kite is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I was lucky enough to take one of her classes back in March of 2017.  I am not making the full quilt.  It was not one of my favorites of her pattern, but it was what she taught at the class that I took.  It was well worth the experience.  I use what I learned in the class that day for most of my piecing and cutting now.

I put these together with the Kenmore machine that my SIL gave to me years ago.  I figured out the 1/4" seam with the help of my Sewing Machine Seam Guide that I learned how to use at Bonnie's seminar.  I haven't heard any news on my old, faithful machine that is in the shop.  Still fingers crossed...  I am so thankful for YouTube videos to learn different things.  I was pretty sure how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine.  I invested a little over 10 minutes of video watching to make sure I was doing it correctly.  I'm happy to have spare needles for this machine because the universal needles that I have fit it.  I'll have to check some of my other machines to see if I have any other bobbins.  I only have one right now.  I will definitely make do with that.  I do know that the wrong height bobbin will cause TONS of problems.  I'll make sure I use the micrometer on those to make sure they are the same.  (Luckily I worked in a machine shop right after high school while going to college.  Those skills come in handy every once in a while.)

Here's my current set-up.  Oh, no I'm not using those kindergarten scissors for this.  I was cutting paper for  something else...  They just ended up there...

I'm not sure if I'll get these all together.  It's cookie baking day today AND dessert making for Christmas.  The excitement is building here.  Our son is soooooo excited.  He knows that Santa and our elves are not real and he knows the real reason for the season (now).  He still makes moments magical.  

I kept sewing.  Here's all 70 blocks on the bed.  Woohoo another quilt getting closer to a flimsy AND an empty bin sits on my desk!  I am going to allow myself to start one of my RSC planned projects in 2022.

Time to web these babies...  Oh, and there are four blocks that I made that aren't right...  They look like rectangles with a square in the middle.  There are three yellow and one blue.  I decided to keep them in the quilt to give it more interest.


patty a. said...

that is great you were able to get the Kenmore up and running. With sewing being so much a part of our lives it is hard not have a working machine! I have invested in an identical backup machine to my 20+ year old Pfaff 1475 just in case. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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