Friday, December 21, 2018

Spools Leader/Ender Challenge Table Topper -- Complete

During the summer of  2012 Bonnie Hunter suggested a spools leader/ender challenge.  Of course I dove right in.  2012 was BEFORE I really realized that a 1/4" seam was soooooo important.  Since then I have learned so much.  I made this table topper:

I like the looks of it on the wooden table.  It fits a little better.  It will fit nicely on our ceramic coated metal table once we open the leaves.  We put both of the tables in the kitchen for the holidays.

Some of these blocks measured larger or smaller than 3.5" (3" finished).  I know that is part of the reason that I stopped the challenge (and I was tempted by so many quilt alongs).  I found them while cleaning off my shelf to get ready for 2019. 

My motto for 2019 is finish what you started.  I'm happy that I'm starting early.  I love this little table topper. 

Chippy the elf has been quite busy this season.  Here he is with his hoodie, headphones, and iPod.

It was fun to be in chemistry class. 

You can't tell very good in this photo below, but my husband was showing me the "hole" he found on our property (while our son wasn't around.)  I think it's pretty dangerous.  We're suspecting it's a sink hole going down to a coal shaft.  We can see down at least 20 feet.  That's kinda scary knowing how adventurous our eleven year old son it.  He covered it up and will fill it in with the excavator as soon as it stops raining.  In real life it looks like something Indiana Jones would come across.

I'm linking up with the 2018 FAL here. 

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  1. That hole is pretty terrifying!! The table topper is SEW adorable!

  2. Oh, my. I found myself thankful it isn't under your house anywhere!

  3. Yipes on the sinkhole. Yay for the super cute finish! On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for linking up!