Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Customer Rail Fence on the Frame

A customer gave me this small rail fence quilt to longarm quilt for her.  I decided to play with some of my new Christmas templates (that I bought for myself).

I had to work in a little extra fullness.

I using at the tumbling teddy design board that I bought from Urban Elementz.  You can see a better pic of the design on the board by the comparison of my hand.  I like the size of this design, but am not a huge fan of the super short boards.  I prefer the giant boards by Circle Lord, but they don't have all of the designs I desire.
I also got a paw print (two sizes on the same board) and a design called Airborne.

The Airborne board is kinda short as well but comes as a set.  I like the pattern.  I hope to try it sometime this weekend if I get the crib quilt complete. 

Oh, and see the long sleeved shirt with the thumb hole in the sleeve?  PERFECT for longarm quilting in the house where we don't have constant heat in there.  That exposed part of my hand gets cold often.  This tiny little change really makes a difference.  (I do run the furnace when I'm there more than a few hours.)


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Needled Mom said...

Your quilting made that rail fence flatten nicely. I was worried when I saw all that slack, but you got it under control.