Thursday, December 13, 2018

Binding Time?

I'm working on the binding on my OMG quilt.  It's the embroidery bear crib quilt.

I felt extra energetic.  I was going to make the binding for Catchin' Some Rays (posted about on Tuesday this week).  BUT I can't find all the binding I cut.  I think I threw it back in the bag to take to the longarm room.  I'll check there this weekend.
It was a busy day yesterday.  Our son turned 11 and a HALF.  We had fertility issues out the wazoo when we were trying to start a family.  We never did figure out what the deal was.  BUT our God is ALWAYS on time!  He hand-picked our son just for us.  So YES!  We celebrate HALF birthdays.

Funny that dad is a builder and measures with other means.  But when the quilter shows growth progress it's Omnigrip to the rescue.  He has grown almost 1 1/2" since June.  You would think the "quilter" could have held it right on one of the lines... but you get the idea. 

Our elf, Chippy & Barbie were excited to celebrate Owen's HALF birthday as well.



  1. I just love elf on the shelf adventures!! Happy binding too....winter's always an especially nice time to do binding~~

  2. Happy HALF birthday, O!!! Happy binding, Mom!

  3. A little late, but happy birthday! Mine is the 12th, and I love the idea of celebrating half birthdays! Double the fun. =) He's a handsome young man and it looks like a steady growth pattern for quite some time. I'm glad you celebrate his life with so much love. =)