Thursday, April 13, 2017

Plumage Practice

Another guild charity quilt has made it to the longarm frame.  This time I am trying to learn how to quilt the pattern "Plumage" from Willow Leaf Studios.  So far so good.

The quilt is a simple shoo fly block that is set 4 x 5.  It's a nice lap sized quilt.

The think I don't like about the pantograph is that I can only quilt 8" at a time.  My longarm is a Nolting 23.  I'm used to quilting with the giant Circle Lord template boards.  I just have to advance the quilt more often.  You can see where some of my quilting got off track and the loops touched.  It's still a nice pattern for learning.

I use painter's tape to keep the panto on my table.  Then a protective plastic cover goes over it.  I do like that I can line up starting point of the quilting (top of quilt) with the line and use the dotted lines to do the first row.  This saves time on the half row.  I don't have this luxury on template boards.

My following the panto greatly improved when I changed from laser pointer to this plastic stylist (pointer) that I modified (again with painter's tape) to fit into the Circle Lord stylus holder.  This is where I have been looking for over four years.  I might as well keep looking there instead of learning another point.  My machine vibrates too much to use the laser pointer.  I have it set up on a sub floor.  There are carpet pads and squares under the legs of the machine, but the room is not finished and does not have permanent carpet.


  1. I remember reading this and thought I commented. I must have been more tired than I thought! Where you have your stylus is about where I taped my laser pen when I had a Gammill. I can't imagine using it from any other place. Feathers are always gorgeous on anything, and after doing this pantograph, don't you feel like you could stand in front and freehand them everywhere? =)

    1. My brain needs more practice thinking about only doing half the feather and then coming back and doing the other half. I'll get it sooner or later (but most likely later.) For now I'm really having fun playing with pantos. It's also making me want to finish UFOs that I'm not that interested in anymore so that I can practice other pantos on them. Yeah for the motivation!