Tuesday, April 25, 2017


#100Days100Blocks2017 will start on May 7.  You can read all the details on our hostess (Angie's) blog, Gnome Angel HERE.  Here's a photo from Angie's blog of the Tula Pink book we are using.  I'm lucky enough that I can get the book from my local library!  Whooohoo!
#100Days100Blocks2017 - Accept the challenge, make all 100 Blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler in 100 Days. Win big prizes and more! See more www.GnomeAngel.com

I'm excited about this QA because it was one I started in 2015.  I made these blocks back in 2015 for a QA with Michele at Crayon Box Quilt Studio for the City Sampler at Your Own Pace QA.   Then that was it.  It had been so long ago that I forgot my color scheme and everything.  I did run across the blocks last week while looking for another old project and cleaning my quilting shelf.

This is an old WIP!  I don't feel like I am starting a new project.  Only 10 of 100 blocks are done.

The new QA, #100Days100Blocks2017 will be a block a day.  Blocks will be made in numeric order.  Each day you post your block on Instagram.  I am very new to Instagram.  I've had an account for a while, but just learned how to post a picture to it with the app on my phone yesterday.  Here I come, social media.  LOL.

Come join the fun on May 7th!

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Michele said...

I'm glad to see there is another round of this one starting. I'll play too and hopefully get my quilt done this year.