Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pantograph Practice!

My Heart Skips a Beat is on the longarm frame.  I thought it would be a great quilt to test out one of the new (to me) pantographs that I recently purchased off of the APQS forums.

The panto I am using is called 10" Paisley Feathers.  It is by Anne Bright at www.annebright.com

Since I'm used to dropping my stylist into Circle Lord template boards I thought I would start out with something big and swoopy like Paisley Feathers so that if I didn't follow it exactly it wouldn't be a total disaster.  It's going to take my brain some learning to get it and practice, practice, practice.  There were several other "looser" pantos in the big box I bought on APQS.  Can't wait to try them too!  I'll get it.  It just takes time.  In the meantime, it looks good on this quilt.
This is my H2H quilt that I will be donating to Happy Chemo.  You can see a pic of the flimsy here.
I'm linking up for Scraptastic Tuesday at She Can Quilt here.
This evening I am working on taming some scraps that were given to me this weekend.  Look at this pile just messing up my desk.  Lots of multi-colored scraps in there for the RSC17.
After ironing them if needed and running them through my Accuquilt 1.5" die (I still have the 2.5" strips to cut as well) they fit neatly in these Art Boxes that I got online at Walmart.  I saw another girl have them at the Bonnie Hunter workshop.  They were quite handy.  The little white clippy things slide in different grooves and gently clamp the fabric in place.  If I drop the box, the fabric stays put!  Each box was $9.97.  If I spent over $30 they were shipped to me for free! I'll keep the neutrals and colors separate.  I got four of them because I'm going to start a scrap user's system like Bonnie explained at the workshop.  I haven't done this yet because I'm an Accuquilt kind of girl.  I'm not going to cut all the scraps.  You never know when I'll need a shape that is larger.  But I will tame some of the scraps so that I always have workable strips if I just want to cut 'n go.
Don't mind the icky yellow towel.  I iron on it all the time.  It was my aunt's.  For some reason I still just can't part with it.  It works.

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  1. Was this your first panto quilting? I tried it once, but the you sang the praises of your Circle Lord Template Boards. I finally tried one of the ones that I got with my (still) new-to-me machine. There is surely something to be said for dropping in a stylus!!

  2. Good to see you have your scraps under control! Good luck with the system. Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  3. Before long, you'll be able to quilt that panto freehand! It didn't look too complicated and your brain will get the swoop of it. It's a very pretty one for this quilt.