Saturday, January 17, 2015

Scrap Saturday -- RSC15 & FNSI Results

Happy Scrap Saturday!  Here's my RSC15 card trick block inside the sawtooth block.  All pieces were cut with my Accuquilt dies:

Card Trick HST:  55018 (Value die)
Card Trick QST:  55393
Sawtooth 3.5" square:  55006
Sawtooth 3.5" HST:  55009
Sawtooth Flying Geese triangle:  55002

I'm linking up with Angela's blog, soscrappy, for Scrap Saturday. 

Here's my FNSI results.  My plan was making all the blue/neutral HST for my Scrap Crystals quilt (pattern by Bonnie Hunter in More Adventures with Leaders & Enders).

I started with this:
And happily ended with this:

It doesn't look like much, but all of the HSTs are done!!!  The four little piles on the bottom are in piles of 50 (200 pieces).  Now to iron all the rest.  Time to put in a dvd!  Happy sewing, everybody.
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  1. Nice work with the values...very trickery.

  2. Your card trick is wonderful. It's one of my all time favourite blocks to make.

  3. Lovely Card Trick block. And just look at all those HST! Wow.

  4. Love the card trick star. Good luck with the crystals!

  5. I really like the card trick block.

  6. Card Trick was the first block I made for a block swap. I found it so hard as a beginner to get it right, and it was such a nightmare that it nearly did me in for patchwork for evermore. I've never made it since.

  7. Great Card Trick - very neat that you were able to use your die cutter for the block!

  8. Great color choices. And clever you, using your Accuquilt!

  9. Cook block! You have been busy : )

  10. Wow! That is a lot of hst units.