Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anna is Molting

Poor Anna is molting.  It's Ohio.  Last week our lowest temps were -18 (with the wind chill factor).  I name my chickens after Disney princesses.   Not all my chickens have names yet.   I decided to call this one Anna.  Her feathers are similar to Anna's hair from Frozen.  It's cold.  She is a Buff Orpington. 

Only two of the six blonde Buff Orpingtons have names.  I'm positive that if one of them molts now that I will name her Elsa.  There's gotta be an Elsa if there's an Anna.  I just need to wait to see which one it is.

Anna is the one in the back center looking at the camera for a pose.

Temps here are supposed to drop into single digits the next couple days.  I'm hoping her flock mates keep her warm.  She's pretty high in the pecking order.  The lowest temp I have seen it in the coop is 20 degrees F.  That's not bad.  About an hour after I feed the chickens I noticed that the temp raises at least 10 and sometimes 15 degrees.  Each chicken when consuming grains puts off 5 BTU's of heat.  There's some fun chicken trivia for ya!

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