Monday, September 4, 2023

DIY Journaling Bookmark (and Pencil Pocket) --- from SEW CAN SHE

Today I made this super cute bookmark/pen holder.  It is a DIY project from SEW CAN SHE.  You can find the tutorial here.  It is a super-fast project!

When I look at in on my book on my desk I don't see the uneven bottom.  I didn't switch the foot on my sewing machine to the general metal foot with the red, painted-on marks.  This is my photo-type project.  I know my top stitching could be a little better.  I was happy to have a quick, fun, functional finish that I left my 1/4" foot on the machine.

The pattern on SEW CAN SHE is larger than this one.  I cut both sizes of pieces down to fit this journal vs. a standard notebook.  I'm going to make one for our son soon since he journals daily also.  Where did I put that Batman fabric...  Where is that cool elastic with the lace on it when I make one for the college girl that sits next to me in church?  Oh my brain is going in different directions this Labor Day holiday.  Short school week this week -- woohoo!

I also didn't stitch straight down the middle because my pen sizes.  They fit nicely this way.

Oh, and see that pen with the ribbon on it?  Thankfully I don't know anyone fighting that battle right now.  But I did buy a box of 100 pens (and they write really nice) at our local "bin" store for $1.00!!!  What a deal.  Ours is called Where Ya Bin?  It sells overstock and return items from Amazon.  On Fridays they put out the "new" stuff; everything in the store is $14 each.  Each day the price (and inventory) goes down a little bit.  By Wednesday, everything left in the store is $1.  Thursday is 25 cent day.  There are little piece parts left here and there.  They close early on Thursday to clean up all the leftover stuff and to get ready for Friday again.  It's a fun trip for our son and I on $1 day -- sometimes.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Nice project! We don't have any kind of store like than here, sounds like a riot.