Monday, June 27, 2022

Zipper Pillow Case

This is the first pillow case I ever made that had a zipper in it.  It was made for a special request from my awesome sister-in-law.  Now she can use her 14" x 18" special neck pillow and wash the case to her heart's desire.  She LOVES coffee.  I found this little piece in my stash and it was perfect for the project.

I had an idea in my head of how to do it, but with all the YouTube videos out there, why not give that a shot?  I used this Spoonflower video to make the pillow case.

But wait... there's more.  As I started watching the video I realized that I could not find my zipper foot as I rummaged through my assessories storage box.  Luckily there was this video by HeirloomCreations to not only show me how to use the zipper foot on my machine, but actually know what it looked like!  I thought I had the long, skinny zipper foot.  I was happy to find the zipper foot that came with my machine once I knew what it looked like.

Here's a better photo of it when we delivered it.  Our son and my SIL have a very special relationship.  Everyone should be so lucky to have that crazy aunt.

Isn't it fun to learn a new sewing skill?   Have a great Monday.  I'm linking up at Love Laugh Quit for Monday Making here.


patty a. said...

Good job learning how and installing that zipper! The pillow turned out cute!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Don't you love when you try something new and it turns out great (without ripping)?