Monday, June 20, 2022

Sunday Progress on Iced Lollies

I made a little more progress on Iced Lollies. The binding is made and attached. Now I’m pinning it to get it ready for stitching.  It's late (10pm ish). I'm watching the recording of one of my favorite shows.  I LOVE survival shows.  One of my classmates from school was on this season!  How cool is that.

Speaking of cool, Iced Lollies is designed by Latifah Saafir.  I tried to post this yesterday for my Sunday update.  For some reason I couldn't post from my phone and I was too comfy in my chair to get up and post it.  Maybe it just wanted to get linked up at Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt.

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patty a. said...

Sounds like Iced Lollies will be done soon! I have never gotten into watching survival shows although my baby sister loves them.