Friday, June 24, 2022

Baby Boy Patchwork Quilt

Yesterday I loaded and got to work on this patchwork quilt for a friend's grandson.  She made the quilt top.  I love seeing the different styles of how other sew.  Her blocks were very neatly sewn together with the seams pressed open and the seams were beautifully matched.

She got to see my mess of a quilting room and my bins of scraps.  She and her husband quickly picked the Circle Lord Jesters pattern to be quilted edge to edge on the quilt for their grandson.

She gave me a very nice, quality wide backed fabric for the backing.  She told me of a quilt store the next county over.  This 108" wide fabric was only $7 per yard!  It's gorgeous!

And just like that I finished the quilt AND delivered it to her today.

I felt bad that a corner of the quilt touched the floor and two of the squares got dusty dirt from the floor on it.  I tried to rub it out, but it seemed to make it worse.  I made sure I showed the owner.  After that I didn't want to chance getting it dirty any more and only took a photo of it on the table vs. the clothes line.

What a generous gift that she gave me.  She gave me a box of Maxi Lock thread!  I only had a few spools of neutrals left.  She also gave me some maroon and mustard color.  My favorite thing was that she gave me a tour of her flowers.  Wow, does she have a green thumb.  I was calling the flowers my usual names of purple things, red things, yellow things...  She is so knowledgeable of all the plants and what they like and need to grow.  She gave me some purple bellflower seeds and some lily seeds that were sprouting.  I even went outside this evening to weed an area inside my fence to plant them.  What a fun day with a visit!

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Gretchen Weaver said...

Very pretty quilt. She was really sweet so share seeds and bulbs with you, happy stitching & growing flowers!