Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pink Doll Quilt

This week I found this little pink doll quilt in the "to be quilted" bin.  I totally forgot about it.  I decided to load it diagonally on the longarm for a fun, "organic", straight line effect.

I am in a Facebook group called Kathleen Tracy Quilts.  This little quilt was a design in that group.  You can ask to join the private group here.

I set the locks on the carriage.  It took less than five minutes to quilt.  I purposely did not space the diagonal lines in any way for that "organic" look.  The lock on the carriage gave the piece nice, parrallel lines of quilting.  This will most likely end up on a table topper somewhere.  The dense quilting makes it nice and flat for that.  Stay tuned for a quick finish...

1 comment:

patty a. said...

That will make a cute table topper!