Saturday, June 25, 2022

Scrappy Saturday -- RSC Blue

Can you believe it's time to put the blue scraps away?  Here's the Ohio Star blocks I made this morning.  These are for the quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter called Random Ohio Stars -- free pattern here.

Don't worry if they don't look perfect.  I don't press my blocks until I see where they are going to end up in the quilt.  Then I press the seams according to the direction that they need to go.

I'm linking up with Angela's blog, SoScrappy for the RSC22 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge.).  Go check out the fun!


Our son was at church camp this week.  It has been super quiet here.  I seriously miss him.  I hope he had so much fun.  Here's a pic of him with his cabin leader and the pastor of our church.  

I did make more progress in my garden.  It's starting to look good.  I'm happy that the squash and beans are appearing.  The tomatoes look happy, but I had to pull out the eggplant.  I didn't dust soon enough for bugs.  I replaced the eggplant area with Xenias.  It should be a bright, sunny spot in the garden.  The tiller stopped right there.  Hopefully I'll have more time this weekend to till the rest of the garden.  I hope to plant Stevia this year.  I also have a few other seeds from the library to start.

This is what it looked like just a short time time ago...  See, tons of improvement!

The melon patch is planted.  It will be an interresting planting experiment in this new area.

I planted some seeds that I found that I had purchased on eBay a year or two ago.  I have been wanting these "purple things" and "yellow things" for YEARS!  I believe they are called (purple) bell flower and (yellow) Primrose Missouri Oenothera.  That's what it said on the packages.  I also threw the free lupine seeds from the library along here.

It's just shady now.  Don't worry, the sun is coming.  It was nice to work in the shade for just a little while. Ironically my friend that gave me her garden tour yesterday gave me some of her purple primrose seeds from her garden.  I will be weeding the protected area in the fenced-in area to plant those later today.  I am all of a sudden totally motivated to get out there and weed that area so that I can plant her seeds!

Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

I have given up on gardening, but really do miss the fresh tomatoes especially. Your garden is looking good.

Your Ohio Star blocks are so pretty. I keep telling myself to make some half sized ones to sprinkle in with the Ohio Stars I'm currently making.

patty a. said...

Your gardens are looking good! We could sure use some rain! My zucchini are getting big, but no fruit has set yet. My tomatoes are STILL in the pot I seeded them in. I have got to get them in the ground!

Jenny said...

You have got a big garden area, that will keep you busy. It's always so nice to see the seeds pop up, and the seedlings grow, isnt it.