Friday, August 4, 2017

Two Little Finishes

This week I had time to longarm these two banners for my local quilt guild. 

The pictures painted on these banners were done by children from a local Children's Network.  This is a place where children that have been through a traumatic experience (abuse, neglect, something illegal...) are taken.  The one-stop place has lawyers, law officers, social workers, medical care and such.  Videos are taken during the interview so that everything is done at once.  The child is not further traumatized by appearing in court and more interviews.

Our local quilt guild members received the art work blocks and made them in to banners (wall hangings) to be displayed in the offices of the Children's Network.  Many children return to the office for other services (counseling, social services...)  They are excited to see their art work hanging in a beautiful quilt.  There will be an art show next week.  The media may make a big deal about it to promote the Children's Network.  Our guild will be presenting these (and other) quilts today.

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  1. That's a good thing to do for the children

  2. What a wonderful way to decorate the offices and hallways of The Children's Network!! It's SEW kind of you to donate your time to the organization (and your Quilt Guild.)

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