Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fiber Tuesday -- And End of the 100 Blocks

Today I finished 100 of 100 blocks of a QA.

I was excited about the QA, #100Days100Blocks2017 because it was one I started in 2015.  I started making blocks back in 2015 for a QA with Michele at Crayon Box Quilt Studio for the City Sampler at Your Own Pace QA.   The current QA is an Instagram QA.  #100Days100Blocks2017 started on May 7, 2017.  You can read all the details on our hostess (Angie's) blog, Gnome Angel HERE. 

These have been taking up space day by day on my desk.  I store them in the little red doctor's kit box in the background.  I watch movies while I work on the daily block.
Here are all 100.  My only rhyme or reason to the color scheme was to use up greens.  Once in a while I would add blue or purple.  This is not one of my favorite color schemes right now...

 The good news is that I can finally return this bag of greens that has been on my desk for a couple of months to the "green" scrap bin!

The bad news is that all of the 100 blocks have been put into that red doctor's kit box and moved to the back of the shelf.  I have other pressing projects.  This project could end up on my 2018 UFO's to be finished list.
I'm thrilled that I was able to make all these blocks while borrowing the book from the local library!
Image result for city sampler tula pink
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  1. Yeah...all 100 done! That's great.

  2. wow that is an accomplishment. just great- haha i have already started my 2018 list too.

  3. I am still working on my list from too many years ago to count

  4. Makes me think I have to get back into my splendid Sampler blocks.

  5. It is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it! Whew... what a great achievement.

  6. QAL's are great fun, but sometimes other things get in the way. Can you say... LIFE!! Congrats on completing the last of your blocks. Especially since you did it while borrowing the book from the library. That's an AWESOME resource in most towns!!

  7. I'm im really late seeing this post but congrats on getting your blocks done. Im still on,y halfway through. Someday.....