Monday, December 16, 2013

Just Squares Charity Quilt on the Frame

On the frame today is a Just Squares charity quilt for my local quilt guild.  I don't know who put the quilt top together.  Some of the squares are about 6-7", some of them are about 5".  Regardless, it will make a cozy quilt. 

I just provided the backing and volunteered to do the longarming.  I am playing with a new Circle Lord template board.  It's called Zig Zag and Waves.  I didn't realize how many different designs this board could do when I bought it used on the APQS boards.  I LOVE this board!!!  I can see it getting used a lot!  I really just wanted to do zig zags to make some modern designs, but it does ribbons, crosshatching, argyle, and lots more.  I'm excited. 

I was a little nervous when I started reading the instructions on the Circle Lord website.  After I made a few notes on how to do the design I wanted, it really wasn't that complicated.  I can't wait to try the squares.

I am quilting this charity quilt in red thread.  It looks a little different on the front, but the red goes well with the back.  The red is also helping me learn the new board.


I'm still plugging away at my Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Celtic Solstice, Clue #3.  I have all the HST for the large quilt done.  I just need to make more pinwheels.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Neat quilting pattern Kathy!!

Julianne said...

I really like that pattern alot...looks great Kathy!