Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part #1

Here's some of my Celtic Solstice blocks for part 1 of Bonnie Hunter's 2013 mystery quilt. 

It always amazes me how my scrappy quilts are made.  For the most part they start out like this.  Sometimes there is only a scrap of fabric big enough for one piece.

My colors are:
Bonnie's Colors                                                   My Colors
Neutrals                                                               Neutrals
Yellow                                                                 Maroon
Orange                                                                 Grey
Green                                                                   Brown
Blue                                                                     Pink

I'm linking up with the others on Bonnie's blog Quiltville's Quips & Snips.  Check out the all the yummy scraps and fabrics others are using.

I am doing the larger version right now (The smaller version finishes about 75” X 75”. The large quilt is about 111” X 111”.)

Just in case I forget somewhere down the line, the instructions are
For the SMALL Quilt, you will need 92 units with Orange backgrounds and blue side triangles, and 96 with Neutral backgrounds and blue side triangles.
For the LARGE Quilt you will need 140 units with Orange backgrounds and blue side triangles, and 240 with Neutral Backgrounds and blue side triangles.
...and then for the sides
For the SMALL quilt cut 188 PAIRS of triangles ((that’s 188 left facing and 188 right facing)) from blue fabrics.
For the LARGE quilt cut 380 PAIRS of triangles ((that’s 380 left facing and 380 right facing)) from blue fabrics.
These units will measure 3-1/2" unfinished and finish at 3" in the quilt.

Our elf, Chippy, was up to no good again.  Here he is bungee jumping from the light fixture using a slinky.


Vireya said...

I love to see how different colour combinations work. I will look forward to watching yours each week.

Julianne said...

Looking good girlfriend! I like the pink alot!

Jackie at Adirondack Urban said...

I like your color choices! Can't wait to see what your finished quilt will look like.

Andee said...

Great fabrics and colors!

Kathy said...

It's going to be fun to see your color scheme develop from week to week!

Michele said...

I like your color scheme. It will be fun to see how that one comes out. Interesting elf antics. We'll have to use that one too.