Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday -- Odds and Ends

Sick kid home from school.  My husband has been home from work with mono for six weeks.  I'm still thankful that it is just mono.  It could have been much, much worse.  He is starting to get a little better!  Since the little guy is home from school today I won't be doing Christmas activities as planned.  I'll just be working on odds and ends.

Here's a charity quilt for our local quilt guild (LQG) that needs a quilt back.

 Since I'm cooped in the house today and probably this weekend, here's my list...

1. Make a quilt back for this LQG quilt.
2.  Make blocks for the December Block Lotto (and post them).
3.  Make a quilt back for LQG quilt #2.
4.  Work on the rest of the chevrons for Celtic Solstice (clue 2).
5.  Round up my "misfit" Block Lotto blocks for the special December entries (and post them).
6.  Take pics of Scrappy Christmas QA (I finished the binding late last night) for Friday Finish post.
7.  Find red flower basket blocks that I made in 2011.  (I found a cute table cloth to make with them.)

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