Friday, October 29, 2021

Table Scraps Challenge -- A Little Friday Finish

 This week while sorting fabric and cleaning up my work area, a fun spider/web fabric fell to the floor.  I thought it was about the perfect size scrap for a new holiday bowl cozy for my son.  I'm linking up at Joy's blog, The Joyful Quilter, for the October Table Scraps Challenge

In the above photo it is hanging over the first one I made in 2017.  You can see it here.

You may think that it is odd that I am adding this to the table topper challenge, but this is what we use instead of placemats often.  We ARE that family that has meals together from our respective comfy chairs in the living room vs. the kitchen table.  Messy stuff is served at the table (tacos, big dinners, dinners with guests).  Meals that fit nicely on a plate (pizza, burgers, casseroles) get consumed in our comfy chairs.

I lined it with a scrap left over from my first attempt of my October Table Scraps Challenge  in the color of the month for the RSC.  That little quilt is now on my longarm frame.  I'm calling it Happy Little Accident.  It definitely turned out too big for a table topper.

Of course I didn't think it would be complete with a little spiderweb quilting.   This makes a nice, flat place for the bowl/plate to rest.  I also added an extra layer of batting to make this cozy nice and puffy.  We DO NOT put these in the microwave.  It just holds the warm bowl/plate that comes out of the microwave.

Perfect fit!

I used this YouTube video.   I also used a 15" base for a start.  It's a nice size that fits all the bowls we use.

If you're not into YouTube, I found this free pattern.  Both are similar, but the one in the YouTube video is the one I made and fits all my bowls, starting with a 15" square.  The one in the free pattern would just fit my soup bowls because it starts with a 10" square.  This could be a fun project to use orphan blocks!

I'm linking up at Joy's blog for the Table Scraps Challenge.2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge


patty a. said...

That is a cute bowl cozy! I bet it will keep the food hotter longer too.

grammajudyb said...

We love our bowl cozies. I was much telling DH, that I needed to make a few more. We are messy eaters, evidently! And it’s soup and casserole season, so we use then nearly every day!

The Joyful Quilter said...

We are a bowl cozy family, too, Kathy! You certainly made a fun one for this months TABLE SCRAPS Challenge. Owen's going to LOVE it!!!

Bonnie said...

Nice bowl. We eat the same way you do. I'm thinking of making a bunch of bowl cozies for my book club. It would be a nice way to use up some pretty fabric.

Jane said...

Hi Kathy,
Your bowl cosy is fine and dandy, especially right at Halloween.
I think the families who all eat every meal at the table are probably outnumbered these days.

Ratana said...

I really appreciate your professional approach.These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

Paulette said...

Great idea for a cozy, and I love the spiderweb quilting!