Saturday, August 26, 2017

Brick Quilt -- Another Customer Quilt

I took in another customer quilt this week.  Hopefully with school starting last week I'll be able to get it on and off the longarm quickly.


  1. Boy! That's a BIG quilt!! Have you decided how you will quilt it? I have my Rainbow Picnic on the frame, but stalled out at that point. Ugh!! What to do, what to do???

  2. I was wondering also what design you were going to stitch. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Will you also be stitching the binding for the customer?

  3. After the customer showed me the quilt I suggested something with curves to compliment all of the straight lines and 90 degree angles in the quilt. She chose Baptist Fan from my Circle Lord giant template boards. I loaded the quilt and started the quilting. It does look great on it. I will not be completing the binding on this quilt. The customer likes to do that by hand.