Saturday, May 14, 2022

RSC22 -- Green

This week I made the Ohio star blocks for my RSC project that is called Random Ohio Stars.  This is a pattern designed by Bonnie Hunter and is available on her free patterns page here.   I started this project in January of 2022 and it is coming along nicely each month.  Here's my green Ohio stars:

I'm linking up at Angela's blog, SoScrappy, for the RSC22.  It's a sunny day here in Ohio.  Today is our opening day for our son's baseball league.  Perfect day for it.  Here's most of the A's this week during their photo session in their GREEN uniforms.

Another funny photo in green this week happened when I told our son that it was so nice out to go play outside...  I guess this is the 2022 version of "playing outside"--Chromebook on his belly, listening to music.  Oh dear, we need to be way more active (both of us).

The next two hours were spent playing his drums outside -- ok... this is somewhat more productive... 

I'm linking up at the RSC22 at SoScrappy here.


Yesterday we enjoyed watching him participate in the Exceptional Olympics.  It's an event where special needs students from twenty different schools in our county meet and play simple games.  Schools bring a bus or two of students and staff and it's a fun day.  Our son is the ONLY student from his school district that participates.  Almost 600 students participated.  He loves to represent!  He's easy to spot as he is the only blue shirt in a field of other colors.

He met up with one of his best friends from another district that we have known since he was a month old.

Everybody should be as luck as us to have that ONE CRAZY AUNT that loves you more than anything.  Here's a pic of him and his Aunt Jo.

Nine more official days of school.


Ivani said...

Pretty greens on your Ohio Star blocks

grammajudyb said...

Your Ohio Stars are great! I love seeing photos of your son, what a typical teen reaction to “go play outside “! Haha! I can see our great grandsons doing the same! “Giggle”

Char said...

Great star blocks. Good luck to your son’s baseball team, I love baseball!