Thursday, May 12, 2022

Moving the Plants Project

 On Tuesday this week I reported photos of plants/trees that were being moved.  You can read all about it and why on my blog post here.  More progress and photos are to follow.  Here are some new photos:

All of the orchard trees and one French Lilac bush were moved to the west field.  They are all trimmed.  Spray has been purchased.  Hopefully they will be sprayed next week.

Here's the view from the other end of the orchard.

Around the base of this plum tree are tall, skinny, mini iris.  They are a beauitul deep blue/purple color.  I had a little less than this when I first moved them home.  They populate nicely.  I have moved tons and tons of them by separating them over the past few years.  They are now all over the property here and there.  When they bloom there is gorgeous color where we least expect it along woods, in fields, in the chicken yard, under trees and in flower beds.  These were moved in the clump of dirt that when with the tree when it was moved by the backhoe.  I can't wait until the others bloom everywhere in the next few weeks!  A nice, green ground cover remains the remainder of the year.

You can see many of the above tall, mini iris plants in the bed by the pole barn.  Oh this bed!  Things in there populate quickly (especially the weeds and poison ivy.) Time to clean this one out and trim those bushes.  In the past it has been one of my "test areas" to see what would grow when the deer aren't eating things.  Now that I know, I need to thin a lot of plants out of there.  At least my husband didn't pile a bunch of pallets of his stuff in front of it this year and I can get to it!  I do like the rocks.

On the back of this pole barn are hydranga.  My husband plans to build a lean-to type storage there.  I will need to move them by this weekend.

I've been driving around on the four wheeler these past few weeks looking for spots where sunlight hits by the trees.  This looked like a nice spot close to the end of the driveway but far enough from the road for some pops of color.  Can't wait until these lilies bloom.  Hopefully the daffodils will like it here and bloom next spring.

Here's another spot where the sun was poking through the woods by the creek.  The soil is quite sandy here, but the tiger lilies nearby are abundant.  It looked like a good place for some other lilies, and more daffodils.  We shall see if the deer like this type of lily.  If so, the buffet is open.  Ha Ha.

The dog kennel was moved so that the opening was at the right place near the red coop.  I need to secure the chicken wire fence so that it will contain chicks.  Plants such as small, tender hosts, a peony, short iris, bears britches, other iris, and ornamental grass have been moved into the protected area.  Little chicks don't usually do a lot of damage to these plants.  When they are large enough to be with the other chickens, they will easily move to the neighboring coop.

You can see old (about 7) Wiggles, the rooster, and his hens dining on strawberry tops, red beets and pickled eggs (cleaned out from the fridge) and some cucumber ends.  More plants to be moved along this little piece of fence in the sunny spot soon.  Looks like I have a lot of pieces of wood to pick up as well.  Some of the large pieces are good to leave there.  I flip them over in the summer to find worm treats.

The edge of this tree line gets spots of sun.  I threw clumps of ornamental grass, lilies, and the tall iris all along here.  It fits the rules criteria of my planting -- safe from the mowing and spraying areas.  It will be fun to see pops of color and texture through here as well.

Under the pine trees wasn't a good fit for the yucca because the deer pulled them out and ate them.  I experimented with a few lilies, and daffodils.  I know that the hosta should be happy here as well.

This is a sunny spot I noticed when I looked out the kitchen window when I do dishes.  I moved some tulips, lilies, and daffodils to this spot.  I'm having trouble knowing which lily is which.  Tiger lilies, day lilies?  Who knows?  Time will tell.

That ends our tour for today.  Stay tuned as the hydraga, sedum, bearded iris, and more lilies get moved.


patty a. said...

You have such a fabulous property for planting fun stuff! Tiger lilies - are those the really tall ones that grow by the roadsides? If so, the deer will eat the green when it first comes out of the ground and then they won't eat anything until the flowers bloom and do they ever like the flowers! I have gotten rid of most of my day lilies because the deer eat the flowers so what is the point of me growing them? LOL!!! Maybe your deer won't eat yours. I had planned to dig up the roadside lilies out of my flower beds but that has gotten away from me Yikes! I still could do it, but I will have to get outside early before it gets to hot and work on it a bit at a time. Have you started your garden yet?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sounds like a BIG job, Kathy!! It will be worth it to have things where they need to be.