Monday, September 20, 2021

I Can Because I Can

 Nothing Quilty happening today, but I did get some red beets canned this weekend.

I couldn't find my mom's recipe card this time.  A quick google search gave me the sugar/water/vinegar ratios.  This time I used Stevia instead of sugar for all of them to make them more Weight Watcher friendly.  The quart jars used the recipe with more vinegar (1 1/2 c Stevia, 3 c vinegar, 1 cup water -- salt). The pint jars used even amounts of of everything (2 c Stevia, 2 c vinegar, 2 c water -- salt).  I'm pretty sure my mom's recipe used equal parts such as this recipe.

I can because I CAN!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Certainly a lot of work. And a lot of beet juice stains! No matter how much I try, I just don't like the taste and texture of beets. Or Kale. Everything else I can eat.

Cathy said...

I only ever canned fruit, but freeze or dehydrate lots of vegetables and fruit. Canned beets are not for me, either, but I do enjoy pickled beets on salads. This week I’ll be processing more tomatoes, and it’s almost time to pick grapes for juice and raisins!

patty a. said...

The beets look so pretty in the jars!